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Help Me / Re: Show message "In the money" - conditions...
« on: November 05, 2015, 09:16:43 AM »
Hi Corey, thanks for your response.

I have two other messages showing up, when I bust out players just before in the money:

  • Message that a table has collapsed (this is not a bust-out event but happens at the same time because final table has 6 players and all get prizes)
  • Message that player X busted out

Those two messages show up in order but the third ("in the Money message") does not.

I tried looking at the Action Settings, and they are exactly the same for all three messages:

  • Sounds: Play one of the sounds at random, but do not...
  • When this sound plays: Allow any other sounds...
  • Messages: Display one of the messages at random, but do not...
  • When this message is displayed: Place it in the message queue...

I'm a Little confused as to how to set the above, when I want to display all three messages in order (messages and sound) - not leaving any of them out...

I have prizes for top 6 players and checked that scenario again - but have as mentioned two (one) other bust-out triggers.

Can I only have one bust-out trigger or how do I ensure messages are queued?

I can of course put all conditions in two bust-out events (i.e. with conditions ...AND (playersLeft > inTheMoneyRank) VS ...AND (playersLeft = inTheMoneyRank) so that each exclude the other if that is how this is solved best.


Help Me / Show message "In the money" - conditions...
« on: October 31, 2015, 05:10:16 PM »

I'm trying to bring up a message, when the tournament is "in the Money".

Trigger: A player busts out
Condition: playersLeft = inTheMoneyRank

This doesn't seem to work - the message never shows.

Any ideas or other ways to handle this?

Furthermore - how do I use the Performed actions checkmarks? Can I check to see if an action has been performed and how do I do that?


Help Me / Re: Player movement suggests to move busted out players...
« on: October 31, 2015, 10:14:19 AM »
Hello Corey!

As of now I have been unable to duplicate the issue. Maybe it was just a glitch - I will watch out for it and post a screenshot if it occurs again...


Help Me / Player movement suggests to move busted out players...
« on: October 30, 2015, 07:42:40 AM »

I have an issue with the player movement. It seems that busted-out players (or non-seated players) are in the the movement list (suggested).

Am I doing something wrong here?

I searched a bit and have ensured that "allow seating of players who have not bought-in" is in fact disabled.

I have a tournament with 5 tables where 4 tables have 6 players and 1 table have 7 players. The 7-player table is set to collapse first and I have one 6 player table set to collapse last.

Do I need to adjust something when busting out players or set a preference or something?


Hmm I'm back and I seem to have found a small bug in the "TournamentStatus.js"-file which I believe should be updated in the example.

The code reads this:

Code: [Select]
 $("#ante").css({ display: TDStatus.HideZeroAnte ? "none" : "" });
  $("#label_ante").css({ display: TDStatus.HideZeroAnte ? "none" : "" });
  $("#space_ante").css({ display: TDStatus.HideZeroAnte ? "none" : "" });

But this only takes into consideration whether you have set HideZeroAnte to true/false - NOT considering if the actual ante is in fact zero.

I think the code should be updated to:

Code: [Select]
 $("#ante").css({ display: !TDStatus.HideZeroAnte ? "" : TDStatus.getChipsString(TDStatus.Vars["ante"]) == 0 ? "none" : "" });
  $("#label_ante").css({ display: !TDStatus.HideZeroAnte ? "" : TDStatus.getChipsString(TDStatus.Vars["ante"]) == 0 ? "none" : "" });
  $("#space_ante").css({ display: !TDStatus.HideZeroAnte ? "" : TDStatus.getChipsString(TDStatus.Vars["ante"]) == 0 ? "none" : "" });

Anyway, I have done the above and now the ante shows correctly, when there's something to show (HideZeroAnte = true)...


Hi Corey!

I don't know if it is obvious that the example folder would contain a script for the "online" part of TD, but I see now (when I know what it is for) that it contains the same example.

In order to write the text file I had to modify some of the script "statusListener.asp" from this:

Code: [Select]
  theRef = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject").CreateTextFile(kFileOutput, true, false);
} this:

Code: [Select]
  var objFS = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FilesystemObject");
  theRef = Server.MapPath(kFileOutput);
  var objFile = objFS.CreateTextFile(theRef, true, false);

Now it works (the code may not be smooth but anyways) and I have no problem writing the file "tdstatus.txt" in the same folder...

Thanks both of you!  :D


Hi Mesnik44!

Thanks, that's great!

To which file do you send the data from TD - I seem to get "Failed" when I send to statusListener.php ...?


Templates, Layouts and Sounds / Webpage to display live data from TD...
« on: October 14, 2015, 09:15:49 AM »
Has anyone managed to make a script that receives tournament data via GET or POST and displays that information on a webpage?

I'm thinking about making a page that just stores the GET/POST data in a database and displays the data as HTML when no GET/POST is received. I can do that but given the many variables TD has to offer it seems quite complex...

But if someone already has a template (ASP/VB) to do this, I'm very interested.


Sounds good, thanks!


OK, thanks, didn't know that.

But apparantly there's no option to insert the XML template of an 8 seats racetrack in the clock window - or did I miss something?



I'm new to TD (3.3) and I was wondering if it is possible to change the layout of the Seating Chart in the Tournament window - as it is possible in the Seating Chart window?

If you select the Layout tab it is possible to add the Seating Chart to the window - e.g. under the clock.

In the Properties/Contents of the Seating Chart element the following appears: <seatingchart format="diagram" columns="2">

I was wondering what other formats/properties are allowed here, since I would like to display the following image/template instead: <datastore>\templates\RacetrackEightSeatTableBlueprintLarge.xml (as in the Seating Chart window)

Any suggestions?


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