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Title: Email Tournament Summary
Post by: alon.albert on October 05, 2007, 03:35:36 PM
After every tournament we play, i try to send out an email summarizing the action.

I think it would be great if The Tournament Director could take of this. For this to happen, it would need to be able to record key hands during play.

When eliminating players, it could have an optional screen that allowed to record the hand details. It could either be simply a text area where someone would type in the details but better yet, it could be a GUI wizard like process where you enter all the betting rounds details and the software formats the text for you.

The wizard will show a list of players on the table where the eliminated player was seated and ask you to select the button position.
You would have a table with player names and fields where you can specify their actions for each stage.
The result could look like a nifty hand history like some of the online forum converters have with card icons etc'.

Ideally, you could also add option to record any key hand that happened during the tournament without involving an elimination.

With some care, the email could be created to look like a summary written by a person rather than a computer.
Title: Re: Email Tournament Summary
Post by: Phaze on October 05, 2007, 07:08:31 PM
you could also put a computer chip on all the cards and chips with motion sensors so that the tournament director can really interpret what is going on, hand by hand. If you scan all player I.D.'s with a full body 3D image then you can have a simulated tv telecast just like on ESPN... I know I'm being really unfair here, but seriously. A tournament director (The real person hosting the event) has enough stuff to worry about, even if he isn't playing cards, like I do when I'm playing a home game. I say this because what you are asking is to constantly be beside the computer or laptop. Some of us here play with multi tables thus it would be really hard to float around watching for key hands... and in my experience, the best key hands are not known until the cards are all turned over. BTW I really do like my idea with tracking the cards and chips, that would be tres cool. I really don't see how a computer program can easily go over a hand. But I doubt it would hurt not to have a notepad and make your own notes on your observations of the tournament... I know for myself, I'm usually playing so I really wouldn't like to hurt my concentration on doing that.

I do have a good suggestion for you though, friend, check out this guy's webpage:
He almost does what you want, and then some.
Title: Re: Email Tournament Summary
Post by: Morphius on October 15, 2007, 02:33:00 PM
I think the idea of adding an SMTP feature to send email to everyone with some pre-defined txt and then the summary page exported to HTML there