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Title: Which poker site would you recommend?
Post by: Bojan1983 on August 25, 2007, 03:40:10 AM
I started playing online poker 7-8 months ago and I allways played at (i registered there cause i like to bet on sports and stuff)...
All that time i played with only one deposit of 20, at first playin with 1$ tours and then getting to 10$ tours... But few bad beats on that level ruined my bankroll... Actually, i think that really big rake at bwin is reason i couldnt profit in long run (1+0,3 $ tournaments)

Now, since i have to start from 0, I decided to try another poker site... But which would you say is the best?

I am looking for
- tournaments and SnG that have long blinds, 10 or 15 minutes... I dont wanna play 3 or 6 minute blinds...
- minimum rake
- most rewarding system with point for playing (bwin had like for every 5$ tournament you get 2,5 pts... and you need to collect 300 pts in one month to get 30$ bonus... yeah right...)
- many players
- stimulating first deposit bonus
- etc...

When i was just startin to play poker I played at pokerstars, and i remember that their table really looks lame... And i dont remember tournament structure since back then i played only cash limit holdem...

Title: Re: Which poker site would you recommend?
Post by: macacan on August 25, 2007, 07:20:01 AM
Poker heaven ha good offers and some pretty good games at the moment.

I have found that poker forums are the best way to find out whats on.
I use UKPL, you get loads of info, help and have fun aswell.

A few use the tournament director

Title: Re: Which poker site would you recommend?
Post by: Phaze on August 25, 2007, 09:49:26 AM
Pokerstars is probably the best site out there. They are so huge that they can compete with all other sites in terms of incentives, such as sign up and frequent player point (FPP). Their FPP prizes are the freakin best out there. You can trade them in to win uber luxury cars like Lamborghini and mercedes! I don't know how long it would take playing the one cent two cent tables that I play at but it would probably be a long time. They have a new feature at Pokerstars that lets you see poker pros playing on their site. I had a blast watching newly acquired Danial Negranau playing $25/50 table against JohnnyBax (one of the top online poker players). You can change the skins of the pokerstars tables now. You get about a dozen different looks. The tournaments and sit n go's are always packed and lots of them. No waiting around for what every game floats your boat.

I am currently playing at Fulltilt. Its similar to pokerstars in terms of bonuses, layouts, tournament structure and looks. The people will chat to you a bit more than pokerstars. What I used to like about Fulltilt is that they used to have poker pros under contract to play so many hours a week with regular players. So a couple years ago, I played in a tourny with Chris (Jesus) Ferguson. That was really cool. But since I deposited in about 2 weeks ago, I haven't seen any pros playing.

I used to play at and about 2 good points for them is that you don't have to download a program to play. Its all webbased. They also have a full casino so if you get bored of poker, you can play some blackjack, spin the slots, craps, roulette and who knows what else, all for real money!

I also play at which is British based site, designed by a video game maker. He said he didn't like the way all the poker sites looked and decided to make his own. This is simply the best looking and sounding poker site out there. They call it a next generation poker site. Everything is in 3D graphics. You design your own player, choosing every minute detail of what he/she looks like. If you ever played recent sports video games where you can create your own character, then you will know what I mean by this. There is a LOT of chatter at this place. When your hole cards are dealt, you can see them for a few seconds, then they go face down. If you want to look that them you have to click and then your character takes a peek. Everyone else at the table will see that action too. Playing PKR feels like you are in a real casino. There isn't a lot of people here, compared to pokerstars or full tilt. I notice that I have to wait a long time to get some sit n go's going. It might be that PKR gets busier during certain European hours and since I live in western Canada, everyone else is long in the bed. Btw, my avatar on the left of this column is my character in PKR. And everyone that knows me says its a very good likeness to what I look like. The worst part of pkr is the huge downloads to get pkr to run for the first time and if you have a slower computer you probably won't be able to play it.

My only other suggestion is to look up bonuses and see what people will give you for dropping money in their sites. One of the most helpfull things I did was sign up for Roy Rounder's newsletter, and then I signed up at a couple places that he suggested, like pokerroom up above, and he gave me a few books on upping your poker game (really really good advice) and a great poker calculator that works for nearly all poker sites (didn't work on pkr but probably cuz of the graphics heavy interface).

BTW, you were talking about your bank roll busting. Chris Ferguson from Fulltilt is currently doing an experiment on how to do proper bankroll management. They say that bankroll management in intregal to any serious poker player's game. I explained it a bit here: (
Title: Re: Which poker site would you recommend?
Post by: Bojan1983 on August 29, 2007, 03:35:37 AM
Tnx for sucha long and detailed answer...

As is it now I ll probablly start playin at pokerstars... Not only they have more players then any other site, so it easy to find a game, they also have minimum rakes and decent blinds (3, 5 or 7 minutes, but 15)

If you also think Pokerstats is great, why do you play at fultitl then? Cause couple years ago you played with 1 pro at same table and thats it? any other advantage?

PKR... I saw promotional movies on youtube few months ago but totally forgot about them... I dled a software, registered and started playin)play money)... Its amazing! But before i got to first table I had to spend more then 2 days... Its all so complicated... and bottom line, i cant play it at my home (only at work, and thats not really a place to play poker..) cause of my connection... It uses so much bandwith that makes me not want to play there (I cant see characters, only ghosts or shadows)... But still, its a great place to play poker (I enjoy watching other people play, hehe)

Whats a RRs newsletter? can you tell me more about it?

Title: Re: Which poker site would you recommend?
Post by: Phaze on August 29, 2007, 03:53:26 PM
I think the biggest drawback to playing at pokerstars is the large number of bad beats. I understand thats its just the number of people and their skill levels (calling stations) and my own lack of patience, so I wanted a change of venue to spice things up. I will still play at pokerstars but just taking a bit of a break. Fulltilt rubs me slightly in a way I'm not comfortable with, and I'm not sure why. Probably the cartoony atmosphere with the avatar graphics, but its a personal thing. But I've been doing well lately at fulltilt so I'm happy playing for awhile. Its mostly just my personality. Every couple of years I have to change my choice in beers just to mix it up a bit  ;)

Yeah, PKR is a system hog. There are some drawbacks to it but definitely a great place to play.

Here is a link to Roy Rounder: ( He just emails it to you, and no stings attached. If you want an example and don't feel comfortable with it, I can forward you a couple or whatever you want of his newsletters to see what they are like. I've been getting them for years and its pretty good advice. He also has some online books that he gives away, but you have to make a deposit at certain poker sites and play there for a certain amount of time. After you played there for awhile he gives you the link to download the books. They were really good too. He also gives away an online calculator that works for most pokersites, like pokerstars and fulltilt, as well as the site he tells you to deposit to. They are all known sites, like pokerroom, bodog and party poker. Definitely not a scam. His advice covers online poker as well as real life poker, tournaments and home games. Of all the poker books I have ever read, Roy Rounder's books were the easiest books to understand and to utilize.
Title: Re: Which poker site would you recommend?
Post by: Bojan1983 on August 30, 2007, 03:20:14 AM
Tnx for the link and suggestion... I subscribed and got my first mail allready... Looking forward to see his tips...

btw, do you maybe have that sng shark software? I would like to know what is that...
Title: Re: Which poker site would you recommend?
Post by: Bojan1983 on August 30, 2007, 04:56:29 PM
I ve been looking for some poker site reviews and I found TitanPoker as no1 on few sites... Anyone played there? Some feedback?
Title: Re: Which poker site would you recommend?
Post by: Phaze on September 28, 2007, 02:29:10 PM
Hey Bojan, I just got a rounder tip and you said you were signing up... just wondering how you are finding them... any help at all?
Title: Re: Which poker site would you recommend?
Post by: Bojan1983 on October 01, 2007, 04:14:54 AM
Well, i didnt had to time to read em all, but i saved them and gave a quick look... It seams as a smart tip, even though most of that i allredy knew...

Still, i didn read it all...