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Title: player rankings as cell
Post by: tandemrx on January 23, 2007, 10:42:16 AM
Just wanted to confirm this as a suggestion although there are different threads where this is mentioned.

It would be awfully nice if the player rankings page could be displayed in a cell on a regular layout or if the <rankings> token could scroll the results like the player rankings page (and include points awarded to busted out players). Or, maybe better yet, if someone you could slip a cell into the player rankings page where you could display the blinds.

Still have that issue that others run into is that it is really great to display the player ranking page, but then I lose the blinds display and I'll be darned if this isn't an issue during tourneys as players will be asking what the blinds are during that 15-20 seconds that I display the player rankings page.  And I have to say that with trying to run the tourney and deal and play at the same time that even I will forget what the blinds are momentarily and when people ask me when the player rankings page is displayed I look a little deer in the headlights until the screen rotates. :-\

But, the player rankings page is always a good topic of conversation, so I hate to not display it, and I love the vertical scrolling function.
Title: Re: player rankings as cell
Post by: Corey Cooper on January 23, 2007, 11:30:48 AM
The reason that the rankings page doesn't display the clock/blinds, and the reason the tournament page doesn't have any [auto] scrolling items, are the same reason.  When an item on the screen, such as the clock, is updated, it causes the rendering engine (Internet Explorer) to reevaluate the entire screen.  Even though nothing else gets updated, it still has to determine what else in the layout might be affected by updating the clock.  If, for example, one was using a proportional font for the clock, updating it might actually change its overall size, causing some other items to shift around (try this - change the font for the clock to a proportional font and watch as time ticks away and everything on the screen shifts a bit each second).  This causes a noticeable pause while the screen renders.  Any "smooth" scrolling occurring at the same time would become un-smooth... it would appear to stutter.

Therefore, the rankings and seating chart pages are complete separate from the tournament page(s).  This is only one of several reasons.  I added <rankings> and <seatingchart> tokens as a compromise.  I know it doesn't give everything you want, but hey, that's why it's a compromise.

A partial workaround:  You can create a scrolling component on the tournament page, minus the "auto" scrolling part.  For example:

<span style="height: 150px; width: 100%; overflow: auto"><rankings showTimeOut="false" showRoundOut="true" showStillIn="false" showHitman="false" showHits="false" showWinnings="false" showPoints="false" showColumnTitles="false" max="50"></span>

This creates a "span" element that holds the rankings list.  The height and width attributes of the span give it a fixed height of 150 pixels, while allowing it to expand horizontally to fill whatever cell contains it.  The "overflow: auto" style attribute tells it to add scrollbars if necessary.  What you should see is a rankings list with a vertical scrollbar.  It will not scroll automatically, but you can use the mouse to scroll it...

Again, not exactly what you want, but a possible workaround.
Title: Re: player rankings as cell
Post by: tandemrx on January 23, 2007, 11:41:49 AM
Any chance of just adding blinds to the player rankings page then?  Probably not, because then that page would have to be radically changed.

I know it is a minor thing, but at least one other person has brought up the same thing.

What you say makes sense though, and with my slow computer, any "updating" of the screen on a regular basis is a big deal because my processor/memory just doesn't handle it well.

Just wanted to mention this in case there is some option for the player rankings page that I can't think of that would be simple for you to implement in a future version.

thanks, I will look at your other suggestion, but since I am dealing it is too hard to take the time to scroll with the mouse - so that probably won't work.