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Title: Out of Reach Buttons
Post by: LPC on February 17, 2018, 05:31:29 PM
Hi all,

Is there a way to resize the contents of the Layout Properties Dialog Window.

I have a scroll bar at the bottom but none on the side and I can't access the butons under the property sets. My Dialog Box is currently at maximum size and so is my resolution.

Is there a Key combination that would reset the sizing of the CONTENTs of this dialog or at the very least add me a vertical scrollbar that would let me access clipped items?


Title: Re: Out of Reach Buttons
Post by: Corey Cooper on February 18, 2018, 09:33:52 PM
Are you using version 3.4?  For 3.4, you can now set the font size, which might help, particularly when your PC has the text size increased (in Windows settings, to compensate for a high DPI display).  If you're using version 2, an increased Windows font size will really not work well with the TD application.

When I redesigned the UI to deal with a configurable font size, all dialogs were updated to make them behave better with different text sizes, including expanding the size of the dialog to encompass the contents, shrinking the dialog to stay within your screen's size, as well as adding scrollbars for content that exceeds the dialog size.  Most work just fine, but I have seen one or two that have some odd side effects with different font sizes.

There's not a dialog called "Layout Properties", so I'm not 100% certain to which dialog you're referring.  It's probably the Screen Properties dialog, but might be the Layout Tab Preferences dialog.  Either way, both of those definitely have vertical scroll bars to handle content overflow.  Can you post a screenshot of the dialog you're referring to?
Title: Re: Out of Reach Buttons
Post by: Lafrog on February 21, 2018, 11:30:55 AM
Hi Corry,

that was me on another account (my client's)...

they are using version 3.4.2 and the "Layout properties" I was talking about is the popup window you get when you select "x properties" on a layout item where you get the property sets on the left and the attributes on the right (sorry that was the best name I thought of fro that window since it changes for every layout item). In any case, I can only see the top row of buttons under the "property sets" pane...

I will try your solution but I later realize that I could use the "down arrow" to force scroll the window's contents so all is good.

Strange that no vertical scroll bar appears though.


Title: Re: Out of Reach Buttons
Post by: Corey Cooper on February 21, 2018, 12:17:30 PM
The Cell Properties dialog.  Yes, this is one of the few that can exhibit odd behavior that I haven't yet figured out.  Check out the attached screen shot that occurs on a 1920x1080 screen when I crank the text size up to 30.  Notice that the cell contents extend to the right over the scrollbar of the section that contains it.  Also, down there below the dialog buttons is the font preview.  If I use the scrollbar on the right to scroll down, those two items (contents and font preview) stay in place, while the other contents scroll under them.  What?!  Now, if I grab the edge of the dialog and resize it, even just the tiniest amount, everything "pops" back into the correct place and the dialog looks OK.  Again, what?!  This is an IE bug.  I haven't discovered yet how to work around it.

I have seen it do other things at different sizes, such as the scrollbar on the right not displaying (text size 15 does this for me).  Like you said, you can use the cursor key to scroll, but you can't grab it with the mouse like you would if it were visible.  You can also use the mouse wheel to scroll.

You might try resizing the dialog to see if it changes.  My experience shows it fixes those other issues I described, but the scrollbar still doesn't show up.

Thanks for reporting this.  I did add to the code a call to the resize code when the dialog initializes.  This seems to fix all of the weird behavior except the scrollbar disappearance.