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Title: Change payout towards end to include bubble
Post by: tandemrx on December 05, 2017, 06:32:39 PM
So I use automatic prizes/payouts based on my own version of the standard automatic prize/payout template (xml file).

All I want to know how to do possibly more easily is change the payout structure towards end of tourney to add an additional payout.

Scenario is 12 players & tourney would usually pay off top 3.  Tourney gets to bubble with 4 left & players suggest bringing in bubble for small % payout.

I see I could add a prize & give them say 5% or some fixed amount, but then I have to manually change the other percentages.

It could work, but is a bit cumbersome & wonder if something isn't built in to accommodate this.

This is not a chop, as people will continue to play.

Maybe I answered my own question.  Maybe if I designate bubble to get a fixed amount that the % allocated to 1-3 would still figure correctly based on what is left. That could work very well.  Not at my computer to test. :-\

Title: Re: Change payout towards end to include bubble
Post by: Corey Cooper on December 06, 2017, 11:07:47 AM
Is there another prize level in your configuration that fits the number of prizes you want to award?  For example, you said 12 players pays off 3 prizes.  Is there another level, say 20 players, that pays off 4 prizes?  If so it's easy, because you can override the automatic prize level selection. Just click the "Automatic" button on the Prizes tab, then press the Configure button to configure the automatic prizes.  Then press the "Override" button at the bottom, click the level that has an additional prize, and press OK.
Title: Re: Change payout towards end to include bubble
Post by: tandemrx on December 06, 2017, 12:19:25 PM
That is good to know and that could work,

But, I do note that I have m prize configuration based on percentages and that if I add a new prize and give it a fixed amount, that it adjusts the amount of previous prices such that the total prize isn't over %100 of pot.

This will work perfectly as it is often that guys like to bring in bubble and not even give that person buy-in back, but give a token amount for congeniality and to speed things up.

I was worried that if I added a fixed prize that the total prizes would exceed the total pot (like if you added a new prize with 10% payout then the total payout is %110 of total pot).

But, I also like your suggestion for changing automatic payments so I can offer one of two things, a fixed amount for bubble or change prize distribution to next level (which typically gives bubble more in my scheme).

Great stuff