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Title: Adding bounties after the fact
Post by: stickyshed on August 13, 2017, 11:07:41 AM
Hi.  I was all set up to play last week. Prizes etc just top three get paid, no rebuys etc.

As the game started (i.e. after everyone had bought in) someone suggest we play with an additional 5 bounty for each person.  Everyone agreed.  I didn't change the software as everyone else wanted to get on with the action.

So... Now the game is over.  I've added bounties for all the players into the Prizes tab, but I'm not sure how to get the state to reflect the additional money paid for the bounties (i.e. right now, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places are lower than they should be because the TD software still thinks the original 20 buy in included the 5 bounty (whereas I need it to be 20 plus a 5 bounty). I've tried changing the main GAME screen so bounties is ticked, together with the 5 cost, but it's not reflected in the prizes.
Title: Re: Adding bounties after the fact
Post by: Corey Cooper on August 14, 2017, 01:59:28 PM
From reading your post, it sounds like you created individual bounty prizes for each player on the players tab.  This should work, but it's not the optimal way to do player bounties in the TD application.  Because this is a supported feature, all you should do is check the box "Use player bounty chips" in the "General Financial" section.

The reason you don't see the pot (and thus the prizes) change is that money collected specifically for bounties is not added to the pot.  It is kept separate to payout the bounties.  So if you collect bounty money using the "Bounty chip cost" field of a buy-in (or rebuy), that money won't go into the pot, and thus paying bounty prizes out of the pot is not going to work.  If you want to pay bounty money out of the pot using prizes, set the bounty chip cost back to 0 and add 5 to the buy-in cost.  When you change the buy-in cost on the Game tab, the TD application should recognize the change and ask you if you want to change the fee already applied to everyone who has already bought-in.

If you want to do bounties using the built-in feature, leave the bounty chip cost at 5, remove all of the prizes that you created to award the bounties, and check the box "Use player bounty chips".  To verify this worked the way you think it does, go to the Players tab and double-click a player.  Scroll to the bottom of the Game Player dialog to look at the Tournament History.  The bust-outs should have wording like "(Collected bounty chip worth 5.00)" or "(Surrendered bounty chip worth 5.00)".
Title: Re: Adding bounties after the fact
Post by: stickyshed on August 15, 2017, 03:50:42 AM
Ok.. I have removed the individual bounty prizes, reduced the buy in by the bounty amount, re-added the bounty chip cost to the profile and re-ticked "use bounty chips." I did get the "do you want to update for everyone who's already paid in?" And I selected yes.

The bounties aren't showing anywhere (not in the game player dialogue or anywhere else that mentions bounties) - which is where I was before adding the bounty to the buyin as per my first post.
Title: Re: Adding bounties after the fact
Post by: Corey Cooper on August 15, 2017, 02:18:04 PM
The problem here is that none of your players' buy-ins have a bounty chip cost yet.  The interface DOES recognize a change in bounty chip cost and will prompt you if you change it, asking if you want to change it for everyone.  However, there is one case where it does NOT change it, and that's if the player has a zero value for bounty chip cost.  Since a zero value also means "the player didn't buy a bounty chip" (as opposed to "the player bought a bounty chip for $0"), the software thinks "this player didn't buy a bounty chip, so no need to change his/her bounty chip cost".  Since no one in your tournament has a bounty chip cost, and thus nothing needs to be changed, you don't get prompted.  (This would be important if, for example, only half of your tournament bought bounty chips.  If you entered the wrong fee and later change it, you only want it to change for those who bought a bounty chip.  You don't want it setting the bounty fee for those who didn't buy one in the first place.)

So, two options: (1) Edit the buy-in of each player and add the bounty chip or (2) Send the tournament to me and let me do it [programmatically].  If you have a small tournament with 5 or 10 or 15 players, no big deal just go with (1).  If you've got a tournament with 50 or 100 players, send it to me.

For (1), go to the Players tab, edit the first player in the list, scroll down to the "Tournament History" section, double-click the buy-in and change the bounty chip cost.  Repeat for all players.

For (2), send the tournament file to
Title: Re: Adding bounties after the fact
Post by: stickyshed on May 28, 2018, 02:22:20 PM
Just come across this - realise I've never said thanks for this info.

So - thanks! This'll make life a lot easier.