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Title: How to get screen rotation back?
Post by: rakrul on April 10, 2016, 09:19:08 PM
I'm switching between a start screen showing seating, pot size, prices, etc and another screen showing the current league stat. After the tournament I show a summary and the league stats again.

I'm using an RFID reader that players use to register buy ins with. They hit the buy-in hotkey and then use the RFI reader. The RFID chip they have always start with 0 so if they forget to hit the buy-in hotkey first and just heat the reader with the RFID chip, it's like hitting a bunch of numbers which are hotkeys to various other screens.

When this happens, how can I return to my original screens?
Title: Re: How to get screen rotation back?
Post by: Corey Cooper on April 10, 2016, 09:48:23 PM
The number keys, 1 through 9, are predefined hotkeys for showing the corresponding screen.  Because the TD is constantly examining the current tournament conditions to determine what screen set and screen should be shown, after you select a specific screen to show it would immediately switch back to the screen it thinks should be shown due to tournament conditions.  Therefore, when you select a specific screen to be displayed with the number keys, the screen lock is automatically engaged to keep that screen displayed.  To allow the application to return to the automatic display of the appropriate screen, turn off the screen lock by pressing Ctrl+L.  The Controls tab also has an Unlock Screen button (it toggles between Lock and Unlock), in the Screen section.
Title: Re: How to get screen rotation back?
Post by: mcfrojd on April 12, 2016, 02:14:43 PM
What RFID reader solution do you use?
I have been trying to find a mobile android app to be used as a RFID reader and then send the data to my computer, but i have not found a perfect app yet.
Title: Re: How to get screen rotation back?
Post by: rakrul on April 15, 2016, 08:24:04 AM
Thanks Corey, I'll try that next time.

mcfrojd: I'm using this: with these:
That's a USB "keyboard" that I've connected to the PC running TD. Once the keychain RFID is placed on the reader, the reader beeps and transmits the ID (8 or 10 digits I believe, each keychain having unique numbers ofcourse) as keyboard strokes. Every player has that RFID digit string as its own ID in the player field. So the first time, I need to register a keychain to a player, I edit the player profile and go to the ID field. I then put the keychain on the RFID reader, which "types" the keychain digits to the player's ID field and save the profile (or just click OK I guess). Then I hit the buy-in hotkey in TD which brings up the player dialogue box. I put the keychain back on the reader which "types" it in to the TD player dialogue box and TD finds the player based on the ID.

I also have auto-action here so it automatically randomly places the player on a table and seat and prints a receipt for the player with his table and seat info.