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Title: Upgrade to V3 or no. (Reset my laptop, need to reinstall V2, or upgrade.)
Post by: GenghisKhan on September 10, 2015, 09:08:24 AM
Hey poker lovers,
I`m GenghisKhan and am on PokerChipForum and Chiptalk under the same same.

I just reset my laptop to factory settings and need to reinstall TD. I had not upgraded to V3 because V2.whatever was working just fine for me. For those that have had both, is the upgrade to V3 worth it. I don`t mind paying for the upgrade, the software is well worth it and not that expensive, I`m really wondering about the layout and features. Don`t want to go to 3 and regret it I guess. I tried to read the changelog but it`s just too long and at the end of the day I`d really like some opinions, and like to know if there is anything new in V3 that really makes it a no brainer. What are the biggest improvements.

We are a small group of 10 players, we play 10 tournaments and then have a final game which depending on the points awards extra chips to starting stack. We may move to two tables and 20 players. Just to give an idea of our group size. Our season is starting up again in a month.

Thanks for any opinions.
(Sorry for my punctuation, i can`t find the question mark since the reset. Gonna have to RTFM lol)