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Title: How to test formula in TD3?
Post by: rakrul on May 06, 2015, 06:21:26 AM
The test formula function was a lot simpler in TD2 so I just entered number of players and I could see the points awarded from first place to last. Now I have no idea how to test it. I've tried entering number of players in numberOfLeagueMembers but that didn't help. The formula I'm using is imported from TD2: round(((round((log(n/r))*n))+1)*2)
Title: Re: How to test formula in TD3?
Post by: Corey Cooper on May 06, 2015, 10:18:56 AM
Testing a formula in version 3 is actually exactly the same as version 2.  It's just that there are a lot more variables you can use in your formulas.  Well, it's not exactly the same.  There have been some features added that should be helpful.

For example, in version 3.3, if you highlight (select) a variable name in your formula, you'll get a tooltip pop-up that will give you information about that variable.  For example, in the default formula of n - r + 1, if I highlight just the "n", a popup says:


The number of players that have bought-in to the tournament. (aliases: numberofplayers, n)

(In the next version, which will go beta soon, the tooltip also tells you the value that variable has been set to, and there's also a link which, when clicked, will cause the variable to be displayed and highlighted in the list of variables below, in the Test Conditions section.)

There's also a "Cheat Sheet" button, which will open a page in your browser window listing all variables and their descriptions.

Finally, the "Test All" button has been changed to "Test Range".  In version 2, this opened a dialog that displayed what points each rank would get, up to whatever you've designated the numberOfPlayers to be.  Basically, it ran the formula when r=1, and when r=2, and when r=3, etc, up to r=numberOfPlayers, and displayed each result.  In version 3, this dialog is the same except it allows you, if you want, to designate which variable is being changed, and what range to run that variable through.  It still defaults to the rank variable, and it still defaults to start at 1 and end at numberOfPlayers.  So if you don't change any of the parameters, you get exactly the same behavior.

So, you still just enter the number of players.  But look for the variable buyins instead.  numberOfPlayers is still a valid variable, but it's technically an alias of buyins, so buyins is what you'll see in the list of variables.
Title: Re: How to test formula in TD3?
Post by: rakrul on May 07, 2015, 09:08:29 AM
Ah ok, I got it now. Thanks again! :)