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Title: Tournament stats?
Post by: Aicarambolo on January 18, 2014, 07:25:50 AM
New here,maybe stupid question but can't find it anywhere.
So,i created a league and a season for my home tourney ,we allready played one tourney but didn't bought this software back then,so i simulated that tourney,got points and payouts right. Named it event nr1 of our league,now if i create a new event nr2 in the same league and season  ,all the info of payouts and points are gone with that players.
Isn't there some way of just clicking on a next event button so that he remembers all previous results and make an overall standings of all events played in that season?
Thx for helping a newbie  ;)
Title: Re: Tournament stats?
Post by: Corey Cooper on January 18, 2014, 02:47:03 PM
The Tournament Director saves all tournament information in individual files (1 file per event).  As long as you've saved each tournament (each in its own file), then it should be easy to generate statistics.  The Default profile on the Stats tab will find all saved tournaments and generate statistics from them.

The key things to remember and do are:

1 - Add your players to the database.  The TD allows you to add players to your database and use them in a tournament, OR add players directly to a tournament.  In order to compute statistics, the players must be in the database.

2 - Save tournaments in the default location.  This just means when you save the tournament, don't navigate to a different folder to save them.  Save them in the folder that opens when you press the "Save as..." button.  This ensures the TD knows where your tournaments are when computing statistics.

3 - Save each tournament as a new file.  Don't save over an old file.  Think of a tournament like a Word or Excel file.  If you open an existing Word file, change it, then press the Save button, the new contents will overwrite the old contents, so you'll essentially lose the old contents.  Instead you press "Save As..." and give the document a new filename, preserving the existing contents and saving the new contents in a new file.  Do the same with TD tournaments.  If you want to use an existing tournament (since it's already configured), load the existing tournament, reset it (Reset button the Game tab), then press "Save As..." and give it a new filename.
Title: Re: Tournament stats?
Post by: Aicarambolo on January 19, 2014, 05:48:10 AM
ok,thank you very much,second point was my problem,he tried to save them in a map of tournament director 2,so i made another map to save them.
Now i copied them back to that TD2 map and he can find them. Thx for helping