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Title: html layouts
Post by: jimtsr on September 04, 2013, 01:02:44 PM
Has anyone started working with html layouts for TD?  I started trying to mess with them using a website development program, but it didn't seem to work properly when trying to open as a file within a new TD layout.  In my case, I have Serif WebPlus X6 and have used it for a lot of website development in the last few years.  That said, it is mostly WYSIWYG and I'm certainly not an html guru....which may be the reason for things seeming difficult.  What I'd really like to do is just create a screen layout visually and get all the graphic elements placed just right followed by adding place holders and correct formatting for the tokens in TD.  Then just open the file as a screen layout within TD.  Is this doable or do I really need to figure out how to hand code all the html???

Thanks for any comments, advise and/or examples of good html layouts for TD!

Title: Re: html layouts
Post by: Corey Cooper on September 05, 2013, 10:45:42 AM
It should be doable, but probably with a few caveats.  First, you can't use standards mode.  You'll have to use quirks mode.  Microsoft still hasn't fixed HTML Applications and their dialog windows using standards mode.  And I wish I had documented all of the research I did on this, but I didn't, so I'm going to venture a guess that you should be designing for IE7.  That doesn't mean features (or fixes) of IE8, IE9, or IE10 won't work, but you'll just have to try and see.

I'm sure there will be other gotchas.  If you need some help getting something to work, I'm happy to take a look.  Post here or email me directly ( Included with the software is the "Minimalist" layout, which is done as an HTML layout.  In coding up that one I ran into an IE bug that I had to actually change code in the TD to work around.   I understand how frustrating it can be.
Title: Re: html layouts
Post by: jimtsr on September 05, 2013, 04:51:05 PM
Thanks for the insights and guidance Corey.  I will pull out the html from the minimalist layout and see if I can work with it in my application.  I had never even heard of standards vs. quirks modes, so that probably tells you a little something about how informed I am on this stuff.  Haha.

I will probably try to play around with a layout this weekend to see how far I can get.  I will post an update here if I run into any challenges or if I actually succeed at getting it to work.

Thanks.  :D