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Title: Hockey Stick Points Equation?
Post by: muodonovan on May 07, 2013, 12:24:27 PM
Hey everyone,

    Maybe you all can help me with my points equation.  What I am looking for is a "Hockey Stick" progression with the points where it is linear for the first 60% of the field and  the last 40% get an exponential increase (although not a huge difference).  something like

for a tournament of 10 players

10th : 10
9th   : 20
8th   : 30
7th   : 40
6th   : 60
5th   : 90
4th   : 130
3rd   : 180
2nd   : 250
1st    : 350

Hitman points: 5 points per knockout

Doesn't have to be exactly like that but something similar.  Also what are your thoughts on this sort of points structure? and if you have any ideas on what might work better feel free to share.

Thanks for the help