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Title: league points scheme
Post by: tandemrx on October 21, 2006, 10:13:02 PM
Anyone have a good generic league points scheme to share.

About 15 people in the league - will only meet 5-6 times.  Only about 10-11 people will play any given session.

Just don't want to recreate the wheel.

Title: Re: league points scheme
Post by: britnt7 on October 23, 2006, 10:15:08 AM
We just finished our first session for our league and it came down to the last week to decide who finished in the money overall.

At first we were going to use a point for each position you placed but we wanted to award a little more for making the final table, and the top three. We had 22 people and played for 10 weeks. We didn't want someone to wrap it up early and one guy went from 15th overall to 3rd place overall by placing 1st, 1st, and 3rd the final three weeks to take 3rd overall. Because of the holidays approaching fast, we decided to only do a 6 week session this time, so I'm not sure if this same formula will work for this one or not but since the first one went soo well, we all agreed to use it again.

Here you go:
32 - 1st
29 - 2nd
26 - 3rd
23 - 4th
21 - 5th
19 - 6th
17 - 7th
15 - 8th
13 - 9th
12 - 10th
11 - 11th
10 - 12th
09 - 13th
08 - 14th
07 - 15th
06 - 16th
05 - 17th
04 - 18th
03 - 19th
02 - 20th
01 - 21th
01 - 22nd
Title: Re: league points scheme
Post by: $lick_ghost on October 24, 2006, 12:46:10 PM
something simple?


#pts = #people

10 people? 1st = 10, 2nd = 9, and so on down the line

Offer up .5pts for a hit, and -1pt per rebuy.

Simple, clean, keeps the point totals pretty tight throughout the season so everyone has a chance at the end.
Title: Re: league points scheme
Post by: tandemrx on October 24, 2006, 01:12:48 PM
I like the scheme set up by slick-ghost - thanks.  Something simple like that.

How could you modify this such that the top 3 places got a little extra bonus (say an extra 2 points for winning and and extra point for 2nd and 3rd).

You can do fractions of points?  I like that idea for a hit.  I guess by giving extra points for hits you automatically reward the top 3 people (likely), so maybe you don't need to set up extra points for 1,2,3 ranks.

In a rebuy, I assume you only get hit points when the person is entirely out of the tourney (not when they bust out the first time and then rebuy)?
Title: Re: league points scheme
Post by: Corey Cooper on October 24, 2006, 05:00:57 PM
As noted in another thread, the Tournament Director regards a hit as a hit - it doesn't matter if the player decides to rebuy or not.

Rewarding for busting players out certainly does NOT necessarily reward your top finishing players.  I've seen winners with only 1 hit plenty of times.

(n-r+1) + if(r <= 3, 1, 0) + if(r == 1, 1, 0)

1st   12.00
2nd   10.00
3rd   9.00
4th   7.00
5th   6.00
6th   5.00
7th   4.00
8th   3.00
9th   2.00
10th   1.00
Title: Re: league points scheme
Post by: tandemrx on October 25, 2006, 03:10:37 AM
o.k., I think I am starting to get a feel for it.

2 questions:

1.  Why do you have to use the double == as an operator (evidently you don't always have to use it since the help file shows both a single = and a double == as appropriate operators)?

2.  Is it better to put rebuy, add-on, and hit points in the "points for playing" equation or put them in the appropriate box on the games tab?

My equation seems tos work with (n-r+2) + if(r == 3, 1, 0) + if(r == 1, 3, 0) + if(r == 2, 2, 0) - nr - na*0.5 + nh*0.5

I only allow 1 rebuy OR 1 add-on, and I want each player to finish the tourney with at least 1 point, so with this equation if a player rebuys, he will end up with 1 point (minimum, could be 2 or more with hits).

Does this equation look reasonable (it seems to work in the test mode), or is there a better way to do what I am doing?

Title: Re: league points scheme
Post by: Corey Cooper on October 25, 2006, 10:59:55 AM
1) == is a programmer habit.  "=" means assignment (x=2 means to give the variable x a value of 2), "==" is a comparison operator (x==2 is true if x is 2, false otherwise).  Because old habits die hard (for me at least), and because assignment has no place in TD formulas, I made both valid comparisons.

2) Neither is better or worse than the other.  They are there for convenience.

Your formula seems to do exactly the same as mine, with the addition of awarding for hits and penalizing for rebuying and adding-on.  It seems "correct" to me.

You could change the == to = in your formula and you would get the same result.
Title: Re: league points scheme
Post by: theHammer on October 25, 2006, 03:14:05 PM
These formulas - and this part of the forum - has been a great help to me, and have springboarded a lot of interesting ideas.  I'd like to see several of the basic formulas compiled in the Help pages with their brief explanations of what is trying to be accomplished.  Another 2 cents worth would be: I'd like to see the HELP section on a website, so that I could search through all the pages via "Edit / Find (on this page)" function.  It would be a quick way to find a specific word or phrase.  If I'm overlooking a Search function in the Help Manual, I'd like to know!  Thanks!
Title: Re: league points scheme
Post by: Corey Cooper on October 25, 2006, 03:59:40 PM
On the Start Menu is installed a shortcut to the documentation.  It is an HTML file, so it should open in your default browser.
Title: Re: league points scheme
Post by: theHammer on October 26, 2006, 11:19:09 AM
Thanks!  I think that's exactly what I'm lookin' for!
Title: Re: league points scheme
Post by: JonnyRockets on November 20, 2006, 10:44:04 AM
Hey - still have yet to do a formula for this.   I just have prize payout templates saved based on amount of players.   So sue me. haha

Anyway - my points = number of players - your rank + 1 (so 20 players - 1st place = 20 points.) After the top 10 (final table) the points stop decreasing though. (11th place would get 10 points, but so would 19th place)

BUT - that's for base points -  then I have bonus points.

3 for 1st
2 for 2nd
1 for 1st
1 for making the final table (so top 10 players.)
1 for busting out last tourneys winner
.5 for being the first player permanently out.

Example - 20 players -

1st place = 20 + 3 + 1 = 24 points.
3rd place = 18 + 1 + 1 = 20 points.
10th place = 11 + 1 = 12 points
11th place = 10 points
18th place = 10 points


It's worked really well so far -  but I'll be able to see better how it worked once this season is over. 

if you want a better description - head on over to ( and scroll down until you see the articl "points system explained." or something like that.


Title: Re: league points scheme
Post by: klfjams on January 01, 2007, 02:55:24 PM
I would also like to thank everyone in here for the formula answers, but I still have a couple of questions.  Our league has been using this software for about a year pretty much just for the clock feature.  This next year we're planning on using the program to keep track of points, bust outs and other features that I just haven't used yet.  I have two questions that if anyone has an idea for it would be greatly appreciated.  First, I need a formula for our league points.  We work on a point basis that there will be 10 points given to first, 9 to second and so on down to 10th which will get 1 point.  If we have more than 10 people 11th and below also get 1 point, so that any one who plays gets at least one point.  If we have less than 10 people (say 9 people) 9th will get 2 points and no one will receive the 1 point.  If anyone has an idea for a formula it would be a huge help.  The second thing is on the Stats page this year (2006) we only counted or top 6 point finishes of our 12 tournament, in case some on couldn't make a couple of games it wouldn't count against them.  This year we will be having 14 tournament with your top 9 finishes counting.  Is there any way to add in a column that can adjust for this?  I have been using MS Excel for this and have a formula (=SUM(LARGE(C5:C16, {1,2,3,4,5,6}))) for that but i don't know how to make a column and formula for the Stats page.  Can any one help with this problem as well?  Thank you very much in advance. - Eric
Title: Re: league points scheme
Post by: klfjams on January 01, 2007, 04:46:42 PM
Ok, I'm an idiot for not reading all the posts on the forums first!! I found the formula I needed for the league points ( max(11 - r, 1)), but I still need to know if there's a way to add a column in the Stats page to count on top finishes.  If anyone has any ideas feel free to let me know.
Title: Re: league points scheme
Post by: Foppa on January 04, 2007, 05:18:26 PM
Last year in my league we used the basic n-r+1 points scheme. This year I'm changing a few things and can't figure out the formula to use. Some detail.

We have a rebuy-addon format as such: If you're at or below 1000 chips at the 90-minute break, you can rebuy/addon (max of one time, one or the other). Last year I didn't differentiate between the two and only busted someone out when they had no more chips and had no rebuy option. This made it easy to track points and winnings.

This year points are going to be awarded when you first bust out. If you bust before the break, that is your ranking and those are your points. You can still rebuy and compete for the prize money, but you can't earn additional points. (Note: If you have less than 1000 chips at the break, you can add on and earn points based on when you bust out.) Make sense?

Anyone know what this formula will look like? I know I could just bust the player and have my rankings correct, but then prize money is messed up. Any ideas?
Title: Re: league points scheme
Post by: Corey Cooper on January 05, 2007, 11:01:07 AM
If a player busts out before the break and chooses to rebuy, you could add a new player to the tournament to represent that player who is rebuying.  That way the "real" player would show that they busted out pre-break and earned points based on that bust-out.

If you are using the database to store your players (and track statistics), then add the player as a non-database player when the player rebuys.

If you want associate the money won with the right player, then this wouldn't work for you.  In that case, I'd suggest manually adjusting points.  Just edit the player on the Players tab and change the points that they earned.