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Title: 3.2 beta 3
Post by: Corey Cooper on January 25, 2013, 10:40:18 PM
This is version 3.2 beta 3.  

Standard beta testing disclaimer:
This is a BETA release of the software.  Beta means I am not aware of any bugs, but I'd like to get some more testing done before an official release.

If you plan to participate in the beta test, backup your data first.  This can never be stated too often.  The TD can do this for you, just press the "Backup" button on the Database tab and check all options.  You should do this whether you try a beta version or not.

The user manual has still not been fully updated.  Below is the relevant part of the changes.txt file (changes since 3.2 beta 2).

Thank you again to everyone who will participate in this test release.  Please post or email any feedback you have.

Edit: 3.2 beta 3 has been superceded by 3.2 beta 4.  See

Version 3.2.b3 (beta release 3)
New Features:
- Added example files for Status Updates feature
- Added Auto Search for player dialogs (searching happens as typing occurs in Find input)
- Added a preference to hide the "Print" button on the Player Movement dialogs (defaults to hide)
- Added "roundOff" attribute to <prizeMoneyLeft> and <expression> layout tokens
- Added lastScreenChangeTime formula/conditions variable
- Added "type" attribute to <prizes> token to display only prizes of a certain types

Bugs Fixed:
- BUG (3.2.b1): various issues with the Seating Chart properties Table Images selection dialog
- BUG (3.2.b2): Can't change League or Season on Game tab
- BUG (3.2.b1): Some users see an error when opening dialogs without traditional button row at bottom
- BUG (3.2.b1): Forgot to include <duration> layout token for HHMMSS time attribute enhancement
- BUG (3.2.b1): Error on Prizes tab if "Display prize on Tournament Screen" is unchecked for any prize
- BUG (3.2.b2): Error on Database tab, Import / Export dialog, for "Export Players" or "Export email addresses"
- BUG (3.2.b2): TD.exe doesn't respect prefs.fs when overridden in preferenceFilesOverride.txt
- BUG (3.2.b1): Layout Conditions dialog errors on open for IE versions 7 or 8

Version 3.2.b2 (beta release 2)
New Features:
- Made Toolbox on Layout tab resizable
- Creating a new cell should automatically open the Cell Properties dialog
- Added method to override file locations for preferences and datastore configuration files

Bugs Fixed:
- BUG (3.2.b1): Layout tokens on HTML-type screens don't update
- BUG (3.2.b1): Prize "Amount" type isn't consistently set properly
- BUG (3.0): In player dialogs an error can occur after the list of players has been reduced by using the Find
  feature and then pressing a hotkey to jump to a specific place in the list of players
- BUG (3.2.b1): Auto-size Screen feature isn't appropriate for HTML-type screens (disable the context menu option)
- BUG (3.2.b1): Event action "Flash" may "stick" (revert to previous implementation)
- BUG (3.2.b1): System info submission dialog broken
- BUG (3.2.b1): Sales Person selection visible on New Player dialog even if receipts disabled

Version 3.2.b1 (beta release 1)
New Features:
- Buy-in, Rebuy, and Add-on Profiles added
- Added "Transactions" dialog, listing all tournament transactions (Buy-ins, Rebuys, Add-ons)
- Column sort information for each Settings tab now saved as a preference
- Changed all appropriate path inputs to indicate when paths are not found
- Reworked context menu in Game window to be more consistent across screens and at different times in the tournament
- Transactions now store Receipt number, so receipts can be recreated/reprinted for any transaction
- Added option to Buy-in players on the "New Player" dialog
- Added button to switch to the "Add Players" dialog from the "New Player" dialog
- Added new layout screen type "HTML", which is a free form HTML page with embedded layout tokens
- Added "Built-in" layouts, a dialog making it easy to choose from any of the layouts that come with the TD software
- Added new layouts: Default layout built for 1920x1080 screens, Emily's Delight, and Abstract Layout by Stuart Murray
- Added preference to not stylize the layout preview on the Layout tab
- Added a Filter to the Toolbox on the Layout tab
- All import/export dialogs have been reworked for simplify them and make them more intuitive, including selection of
  the export template directly from the export dialog (instead of changing the template from the Preferences tab)
- Updated tournament export to allow exporting at any time, not just after tournament is complete
- Added Print options on Summary tab and Summary export
- Added option to highlight multiple tables when exporting tables
- Overhauled Extended Display tool (now Display Management)
  - Drag and drop to arrange dual displays
  - Added new options for opening dialogs (on Main display, on Extended display, etc)
  - Added profiles for storing different extended display configurations (good for laptops that get connected to
    different displays)
  - Added hotkeys for moving and sizing Game and Settings windows
- Added Event action "flash" that flashes the screen
- Made columns configurable on Prizes tab
- Added button to check all non-conflicting players on Add All Players to Database dialog
- Save the tournament automatically on exit if auto-save is enabled (previously the software asked upon exit)
- Added "New Season" and "New League" options to League and Season drop downs on Game tab
- Added all player detail columns to Stats tab (First name, Last name, and Nickname were the only columns available in
  previous versions)
- Added "Load this tournament" on the Stats Info dialog
- Formula and Condition dialogs now have a Cheat Sheet button, which opens a page in your default browser with complete
  documentation on formula variables, operators, and functions
- Highlighting a variable, function or operator in a formula or condition now opens a tooltip explaining what the
  highlighted text represents
- Added dozens of points and condition formula variables
- Added over 100 new Overall Score formula variables
- Added formula functions index(), triangle(), setListLength(), totalForRake()
- Formula "Test Range" dialog: also change "position" variable when "rank" variable selected, and vice-versa
- Added ability to override the prize amount displayed in the Game window (good for creating a prize as a portion of
  the prize pool, but advertising the prize as something else, such as a seat in another tournament)
- Added preview when selecting a table blueprint
- Added shift+click to check multiple players at a time on all player dialogs
- Overhauled Import Players dialogs:
  - Better matching on existing players
  - Tooltips give reason a player name is designated as a conflict
  - Allow editing a player before importing
- Changed font dialog to display font list using the corresponding font (and a preference for font size or disable)
- Overhauled the Hand Timer:
  - Hand Timer can now be styled
  - Added tenths-of-a-second display
  - Made timer more responsive and accurate with respect to the start/stop button
  - Added context menu options to set, reset, and change properties
- Added "format" type "ordinal" (1st, 2nd, etc) to <expression> layout token
- Added "rakeName" attribute to the <totalRake> layout token
- Modified all layout tokens with the clock "format" attribute to allow more flexible time display options
- Added <pointsFormula> layout token, which is a far more flexible replacement for <pointsForPlaying>
- Added "variables" attribute to <expression> layout token
- Added <action> layout token that allows one to add actions to HTML elements in a layout
- Added <progressbar> layout token
- Added "cheat sheet" to Insert Token Dialog
- Insert Token dialogs now have a Cheat Sheet button, which opens a page in your default browser with complete
  documentation on all layout and/or event message tokens
- Added layout tokens <chipCountAdjustment> and <unadjustedChipCount>
- Added "counts" attribute to the <chips> layout token
- Added <points> and <prizepoints> event message tokens
- Added an event trigger for "tables are consolidated" and <tablesconsolidated> event message token
- Added "index" attribute to <playerNames> layout token
- Made export tokens case-insensitive
- Added <seat> token to Receipts export (table and seat)
- Changed <timestamp> export token to always be date and time stamp (not controlled by a preference); added
  <preftimestamp> export token to conform to preferred date and time format
- Changed all [appropriate] locations to use paths encoded with <datastore> for consistency
- Added a preference to save receipts in the same folder as the tournament file
- Changed the "Omit" column to "Disabled" on the Events tab
- Added a currency symbol preference for chips
- Added hotkey action to reload the player database; useful when multiple instances of the software are accessing the
  same database
- Added navigation arrow buttons to Settings window tabs (controlled by a preference, off by default)
- Overhauled Name Format preference dialog and added additional name formats
- Added hotkey Shift+Ctrl+Alt+R to "restore" a dialog back to the center of the main display
- "Tournament Saved" dialog removed
- Added context menu options for marking or clearing unavailable seats (on Tables tab)

Bugs Fixed:
- (3.0): If "Use the estimated pot in place of the real pot" is checked on the Estimate Pot dialog on the Prizes
  tab, the rake is calculated using the estimated pot info even if the "Use an estimated pot on the prizes tab" and
  "Use an estimated pot in place of the real pot" are unchecked
- "Add to database players in the current tournament" doesn't find conflicting player IDs
- Built-in screens can sometimes stop auto-scrolling when a sound is played
- Hand timer doesn't obey "Save dialog locations" preference
- (3.0): When the tournament starts after a countdown the clock is set to the duration of the 2nd round instead of
  the 1st (fixed in 3.1.1 patch 3)
- Creating a new Layout does not reset the layout filename
- (3.0): Status updates POST method doesn't include "Content-type" header (fixes use of $_POST array in PHP)
- (2.0): <tdbutton> "image" attribute cannot use relative paths for the image
- (2.0): Column values can wrap on Player movement dialogs
- (3.1): Insert Token dialog search has multiple issues and sometimes causes an error
- <rankings> token shows fractional hits even if "Show hits as whole number" preference enabled
- (3.0): OK and Apply buttons on Prize dialog does not always save/apply the prize
- Copying the Default Status Message Property Set or Event Message Property Set causes an error
- (3.0): Changing a prize from Fixed to Non-monetary doesn't reset computed prize value (fixed in 3.0 patch 15,
  3.1 patch 4, and 3.1.1 patch 2)
- Sometimes wrong options listed when changing table size of table with players already seated
- Player seating at tournament start listed in Tournament History when in simple mode
- (2.6.b3): Default Automatic Prizes configuration counts buy-ins, rebuys, and add-ons, instead of just buy-ins
- (3.0): "Rebuy player" context menu option is missing from Game window when in Simple Mode
- (3.1.1): <inlineRankings> layout token doesn't display when any player busted out without a hitman (fixed in
  3.1.1 patch 1)
- (2.5.12): Loading a tournament doesn't clear the Tables Tab undo stack
Title: Re: 3.2 beta 3
Post by: Stuart Murray on January 26, 2013, 09:45:20 AM
All good, some really helpful updates especially the roundoff, auto search, and hhmm v HHMM set-up, just tested, and only issue I have found so far is that it is still forgetting my spreadsheet columb prefs on the Rounds tab.

Title: Re: 3.2 beta 3
Post by: Doctor_XXX on January 26, 2013, 10:14:04 AM

- BUG (3.2.b1): Error on Prizes tab if "Display prize on Tournament Screen" is unchecked for any prize

Thanks!   8)
Title: Re: 3.2 beta 3
Post by: TIMMER on January 27, 2013, 01:29:47 PM
Prizes dont add up,......10 players at $30.buyin shows total prize is $180. instead of $300.     
Title: Re: 3.2 beta 3
Post by: Corey Cooper on January 27, 2013, 08:55:05 PM
Can you send me a saved tournament where you see this?
Title: Re: 3.2 beta 3
Post by: Corey Cooper on January 28, 2013, 12:28:18 PM
Prizes dont add up,......10 players at $30.buyin shows total prize is $180. instead of $300.     

For anyone following this thread, this isn't an issue.
Title: Re: 3.2 beta 3
Post by: TIMMER on January 28, 2013, 12:57:55 PM
Thanks Corey for the info,  Timmer
Title: Re: 3.2 beta 3
Post by: Stuart Murray on February 06, 2013, 06:53:56 PM
Gave 3.2b3 some serious testing since launch, and the only issue I have is the column prefs on a spreadsheet rounds tab, which keeps resetting to default after the program is closed for a while.

Other than that, all the tokens, conditions and rounding you have added for me are working a treat, many many thanks for all these items!

Title: Re: 3.2 beta 3
Post by: Corey Cooper on February 07, 2013, 12:33:06 PM
That is a very strange issue.  I'm just not seeing it.  And since all preferences are saved together, it seems like if you lost one you'd lose them all...

I'll take another look.