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Title: Install of TD3 always creates default data store at /../../td2
Post by: CruiseLite on June 17, 2012, 10:51:42 AM
Hi All,

I've been running TD3 successfully for some time (as well as TD2 prior to that) in a Win XP virtual environment (VirtualBox 4.1.16 running on a Suse 12.1 host).
This environment has my data store located on the Suse /home directory which XP sees as a mapped "S" drive.
I run my tournaments from my laptop then copy the tournament files to S:\The Tournament Director 3\Data\saves" then use the XP VM to do all my exports to StatsGenie. This is working great but I'm trying to move into the new century and use Win 7.

I recently created a Win 7, 32 bit VM and am in the process of moving to it from the XP VM.

When I install TD3 (trial right now but I do have a TD3 license) into the Win 7 environment I used the default install path of "C:\Program Files\The Tournament Director 3\" .
When I initially launch TD, it creates the default data store at "S:\The Tournament Director 2\Data\".
I'm not sure why it is creating a TD2 path at all. I uninstalled TD3 then reran the install with the S drive unmapped but got the same result and since it is not an accessible drive I get an error if I try to access the data store from within TD - "S:\The Tournament Director 2\Data\ refers to a location that is unavailable....".

I can create a new data store that points to my TD3 files but cannot remove the TD2 related data store.

Not really a big deal but just trying to better understand where the TD2 reference is coming from.

If I've been vague in describing my situation please feel free to ask anything that might help clear the air.

Title: Re: Install of TD3 always creates default data store at /../../td2
Post by: Magic_fubu on June 17, 2012, 06:27:37 PM
I believe that was one thing that got overlooked by Corey in getting TD3 fully operational (as opposed to beta). Upon installation, you should be able to tell it where to default to during the process.
Title: Re: Install of TD3 always creates default data store at /../../td2
Post by: Corey Cooper on June 17, 2012, 09:04:41 PM
The software creates a folder named "The Tournament Director 2" in your "My Documents" folder.  Stored in this folder are the preferences, information about your data stores, and the default data store.   This is not configurable.  These three items will always be in that folder.  An analogy would be the Master Boot Record for your hard drive.  When the computer starts up, it looks at the MBR to get things "bootstrapped".  When the TD starts up, it looks in "%Documents%\The Tournament Director 2" to figure out where "stuff" is (like your player database).

It is named "The Tournament Director 2" for legacy reasons.  If you are a version 2 user, and are upgrading to version 3, version 3 needs to look in the same place as version 2 in order to use the same preferences, data store information, and your data store (if you are still using the default data store, which I would guesstimate that includes probably 95% or more of users of the software).  Thus the folder name had to stay the same.

As for the default data store, you can of course switch to using a different data store, but the default data store will remain.  The default data store and your currently Active data store are initialized every time the software starts up.  If the default data store doesn't exist, it is created.  Your Active data store is initialized every time the software starts because the software installation doesn't actually do anything except install files in "Program Files".  So when you install a newer version of the software, any updated templates need to also be copied out to your data store (which could be anywhere, and which the installation program knows nothing about), so this is done every time the program starts.  I honestly don't recall off the top of my head why both the default data store and the active data store are initialized every time.  Seems like it would only be necessary to initialize the active data store, but surely I had a reason.  I'd have to revisit that code to determine why.
Title: Re: Install of TD3 always creates default data store at /../../td2
Post by: tandemrx on November 25, 2017, 02:18:54 PM
OK, so just installed version 3.4 after a few years away from the software.

I didn't have my version 2 on my new laptop, but I did copy the folder "The Tournament Director 2" that has a "Data" folder that includes the following folders "db, images, receipts, saves, sounds, templates".

And it appears that TD3 has installed preferences from this folder (such as older config files).

But, trying to some degree to start from a clean slate and the only file folders for TD3 are under program files (x86) that has a bunch of folder (bin, examples, lang, lib, receipts, saves, screenshots, sounds, templates).

How do I make sure I am optimizing TD3 by having it use possibly newer templates and other database files that came with the new version (though I wouldn't mind using some of my old player databases, etc).  Just don't want older version templates and stuff gumming up the new features of the new version.

confused that it even found my "the Tournament Director" folder as I had it in my document folder.

Title: Re: Install of TD3 always creates default data store at /../../td2
Post by: Corey Cooper on November 25, 2017, 11:16:30 PM
Version 3 will install to your "Program Files" folder (likely the "x86" version).  Every time the application starts, it will copy templates to the default and active data store, as described in my previous post.  If the files are already there, it checks the timestamp on the files before overwriting.  This is the best way I found to make sure an upgrade would copy any new files to your data store, while preserving any changes you may have made.  Of course, you really shouldn't change any templates that come with the application, but instead copy them and change the copy.  That ensures your changes are never overwritten by an upgrade.

So, if you have an older version of the application and you've not made changes to the templates that come with the application, upgrading should mean you are basically "starting with a clean slate".  That is, all of the included templates should be the latest version.  And any custom templates you've got should be unchanged.
Title: Re: Install of TD3 always creates default data store at /../../td2
Post by: tandemrx on November 26, 2017, 09:42:56 PM
Well, that makes too much sense.  Get microsoft to do that for us sometime! :)