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Title: Memory usage
Post by: jodybingo on March 09, 2012, 11:47:55 PM
16GB of Ram, i3 Intel 3.1Ghz. Refresh stats and TD just consumed a huge amount of memory...
Title: Re: Memory usage
Post by: Corey Cooper on March 10, 2012, 09:17:01 AM
The TD runs inside of a "virtual machine", which handles all memory management for it.  As such, there's very little the software can do to manage memory except to ensure the code is not hanging on to objects and data it no longer needs.  When running stats, the software has to load all of your tournaments and players (50 tournaments, over 1200 players in your case), so there's going to be a significant amount of memory usage.  But the software also tosses out what it doesn't need from each tournament to compute stats, like tables and seating, layouts, sounds, rules, etc.  So it's already doing what it can to reduce memory usage.

Of course there's always the possibility something is being retained that isn't necessary which would explain the high usage.  But I would think that the first run of stats would show mostly the "right" amount of memory consumption, while running stats a second time would increase the usage if there were memory "leaks".  If the first run of stats shows that much memory, more than likely that's just what the virtual machine needs (sadly).  I would agree that's an extremely high amount of memory used just to run poker tournament stats.  But again, much of it is likely out of the software's hands.

If you can, take a backup of your data and send it to me and I can then replicate your environment.  That's a lot of "real world" data that would be helpful for trying to reduce the memory consumption.