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Title: Omitting Certain Tourneys that Pass the filter
Post by: Magic_fubu on January 23, 2012, 12:52:59 PM
OK, I know this could be circumvented by just moving the location of the TD file so it's not "found" to be able to pass, but I would like to get everyone's thoughts on this. I run a league where I typically don't get the points until the day of the tournament that I run. Since I"m also trying to get everything updated to the website, I'm wondering if it's possible/feasible/wanted enough to have an option with the stats tab to omit certain tournaments that the user selects and have points be added up from those remaining.

Again, I understand if it's a "no", but am wondering what everyone else thinks. I know I would like to, but only if it's feasible and wanted enough.