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Title: Stats/points question
Post by: Action Dan on August 15, 2006, 05:08:39 AM
I have just started using TD2 (looks really great!), and have a few questions regarding stats and player points.

1. I am currently trying to work out a player ranking system where points recently earned are weighted heavier than old tournament results. Is there any way of doing this automatically in TD2?

2. Is it possible to set a required minimum number of tournaments for a player to be ranked? (To resolve issues of players with only one or two tournaments played, resulting in a very high average score?

3. In the past, I have used a points system similar to this:

Ranking points per player and tournament = p*sqrt(m/n)

Weighted sum = 1/sqrt(t) * SUM(ranking points per player and tournament)

p - rank in tournament, 1 point for last place, first place is the same as number of players
m - total prize money in tournament
n - number of players
t - number of tournaments for this player

Any way of doing something similar in TD2?

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Title: Re: Stats/points question
Post by: Corey Cooper on August 16, 2006, 10:55:54 AM
What you are referring to is a "score", as listed on the Stats page of the software.  This is a numeric value computed for each player, different from "points" which can be awarded directly to players within each tournament.  Currently, the software has 2 static (meaning hard-coded, you can't change them) formulas for scoring players.  There is no way to use your own formula.  Yet.  This is definitely on the enhancement list, and something I hope to implement soon.  Your comments will be helpful when I do implement the feature.
Title: Re: Stats/points question
Post by: Action Dan on August 16, 2006, 05:56:35 PM
Well, I'll have to look up the score feature then and see how it works out. I've been working a lot with different ranking systems lately, trying to find a fair way of evaluating my players' performance. It's not an easy thing, but I think I'm getting there. And when you implement "dynamic" scoring in TD, it will so much easier.

Anyway, thanks for your help and a great piece of software!