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Title: Player Pics
Post by: rambo99 on July 22, 2006, 08:13:17 PM

love the program, have played 16 tournies using it and everyone loves it, keep up the good work.

would it be possible to have player pics which could be displayed at various points in  the game
maybe when busted outr making a hit, chip leader, thumbnail next to chip counts or hitmen or just on game over page a pic of prize winners.

Title: Re: Player Pics
Post by: Corey Cooper on July 24, 2006, 10:40:44 AM
It has been suggested before, and this is actually on my "to-do" list, but I can't say when, if ever, it will make it into the software.  I admit it would be a nice feature, but it will require a not insignificant amount of work, and I'm not convinced it would be worth the effort for the majority of the users of the software.  So, for now, "it's on the list".
Title: Re: Player Pics
Post by: Absinthe_gal on August 22, 2006, 02:07:04 PM

I'd just like to second this request!  I know it's hard work, but it's be ace to be able to put pics of the winning players from the last comp. up on the pre-tourney screen.

At least it would help everyone to see who they need to target  ;)

Love the program by the way Corey, it's a god send to us all!  ;D
Title: Re: Player Pics
Post by: Cleave on August 31, 2006, 10:47:25 AM
Pics aren't that big of a deal to me but.... How about avatar's?  Since this program is somehow based on the Internet Explorer engine, would that be any easier.

I do like how players have a nickname.  It's not only beneficial when you have two or more of the same name, but our group operates a bullitin board just like this and everyone has their own nick name.  Using TTD helps you get to know each other in a live setting if you've never met.