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Title: Event Conflict
Post by: beaker on December 16, 2009, 09:42:32 PM
I have 25 or 30 events programed, the large majority are triggered automatically as opposed to manually with a hot key. Almost everything is working great which should make running the next tournament a breeze.

The only trouble that I'm having is a conflict between an event triggered by a player bust out and an event triggered by a player movement suggestion. Which ever event I place in the "event list" first is the one that will execute properly, the other event will not run. The bust out event plays a random sound and displays a message. The player movement event plays a sound only.

I was hoping that the bust out event would trigger first, displaying the message and playing the sound; the movement event would trigger immediately following the bust trigger, thereby canceling the "bustout" sound file to play the "player movement" sound file, but leaving the bust out message to run though it's specified duration. I can only seem to get one event working; as long as one is activated the other is ignored.

Any suggestions to alter these events to play nicely with each other? Or, is there some way to combine the two using a condition?

Title: Re: Event Conflict
Post by: Stuart Murray on December 17, 2009, 07:00:58 AM
Beaker, whilst multiple events can run simultaneously, you will have to specify on the Action Settings screen what you want the events to do when another event is already occuring.  It may be a good idea to put the bust out below the movement, and have a short sound such as a chime etc for your balance suggestion and then this will not interfere too much with your bust out soundclip.

On another point I as a TD prefer to be in command of table balances and carry them out when i see fit, not when the application requires me to do so. If you are running your events 100% by td I found it best to increase the player disparity on tables to at least 2 to avoid multiple movements.

Title: Re: Event Conflict
Post by: beaker on December 17, 2009, 09:17:28 AM

Thanks for the advice regarding table balancing... this will be my second tournament using TD software. During the first tourney I did all the table movements manually... which ended up being okay because, as a player / director,  it provided a nice excuse for busting out of the game early (that I was distracted by my TD duties) :P 

Figured that I would try letting the software handle the movements this time, I do have it set for a disparity of two.

I am aware of the Action Setting and thought that I had everything set-up appropriately; I'll dig in a little deeper later today and hopefully correct matters. If not, I will try to post my event configurations here

Thanks again
Title: Re: Event Conflict
Post by: Corey Cooper on December 17, 2009, 10:33:24 AM
You've hit upon a special case.  Typically, something in a tournament occurs and a notification is generated.  The Event code receives notifications and turns them into triggers where appropriate, that then trigger your configured event(s).

When you bust one or more players out of the tournament, many different triggers can result.  A player busts out, a player rebuys, a chop is performed, a table balance is suggested.  Also, since you can bust out several players at once and rebuy several at once, you can get multiple of those triggers.  Furthermore, since this is a chained process (busting players out may lead to buying players in or to a chop, and can then lead to a table balance), these triggers could occur all at once or at various places in the process.

To prevent strange things from happening during this process, the notifications are queued up and not sent until the process ends, at which time they are all delivered at once.  Since it would be undesirable (in many cases) to have several events trigger at once, the Events code prioritizes the notifications and allows only one event to be triggered.