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Title: auto tables
Post by: TylerVollan on January 30, 2009, 07:23:29 PM
hey fellow users and Corey, came up with another suggestion for TD.

so me and my dad have a poker game at our house every other Saturday, and we range from 8 to 25 people, and we play 2 tournaments.

anyway, my dad is a little computer illiterate, so I've been finding allot of ways to make it easier for him to use, a recent one i found was the auto prizes function.

it saves allot of time for us because we have a different payout for every different amount of people who attend.

anyway~ we also various the amounts of tables we use. 2-10 is 1 table, 11-20 is 2 tables, 21< is 3 tables,

so maybe corey can throw an auto-table function in there, just like auto prizes.

PS. hey corey, I've been editing the auto prizes xml, but i would rather put in dollar amounts than a percentage, is there a code for that or any way to do that. cause 85.714285714285714285714285714286% is a little unconventional for a 60/10 prize.

Title: Re: auto tables
Post by: Corey Cooper on February 02, 2009, 03:56:22 PM
Interesting thought - I'll look into it.

For dollar amounts, used the "fixed" attribute instead of the "percent" attribute.

For example, instead of:

    <prize rank="2" percent="25" />


    <prize rank="2" fixed="175" />
Title: Re: auto tables
Post by: TylerVollan on February 02, 2009, 06:10:33 PM
sweet, and thanks for the tag