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Title: Version 2.1 is available
Post by: Corey Cooper on May 05, 2006, 01:34:46 AM
Download it at

The Tournament Director 2.1
Copyright 2004 - 2006 Corey Cooper

Version 2.1
New Features:
- Nickname is no longer a required player field.  For any player, you
  must supply either a Nickname or a First name.
- Import players into your tournament from a CSV file.  This is
  identical to importing players into your database, which was already
  a feature.  Now you can import directly into your tournament, if
  you do not wish to utilize the Tournament Director's database.
- Added a spreadsheet-like view on the Rounds tab.  This view makes
  changing values across multiple rounds very efficient.
- Added option to allow players to rebuy before busting out of the
- Points for playing formula system overhauled:
  - Formulas are more robust
  - All formula variables now have meaningful alternates.  For
    example, "r" or "rank" can be used for a player's rank.  "n" or
    "numberOfPlayers" can be used for the number of players in the
  - New variables added:
    - Buy-in cost
    - Rebuy cost
    - Add-on cost
    - Bounty chip cost
    - Total cost
    - Total rake
    - Prize winnings
    - Bounty winnings
    - Total winnings
    - Take
- Added the ability to configure your own prize suggestions.
- Added "Automatic Prizes" feature.  When this feature is on, the
  software automatically uses suggested prizes, and the number of
  prizes awarded is automatically updated as players buy-in (or
  you undo their buy-in).
- Added "Locked" attribute to prizes.  When you lock a prize, the
  software is prevented from overwriting the prize if you use the
  prize suggestion tool, or the automatic prizes feature.  This
  allows you to, for example, have a bounty on a returning
  champion and still use the automatic prize feature.
- Added checkbox for each prize to denote whether or not the prize
  should be dispayed on the Tournament page.
- Added Email Addresses export option for Players tab and Database tab.
- New layout tokens added:
  - numberoflevels   - Displays the number of levels defined
  - numberofrounds   - Displays the nubmer of rounds defined
  - numberofbreaks   - Displays the nubmer of breaks defined
  - totaltime        - Displays the total amount of time defined in
                       the schedule
  - totalplayingtime - Displays the total amount of time dedicated to
                       rounds defined in the schedule
  - totalbreaktime   - Displays the total amount of time dedicated to
                       breaks defined in the schedule
  - elapsedbreaktime - Displays the amount of time elapsed that was
                       spent in breaks since the tournament started
- Optimized tournament saving; reduced save time by nearly 50%.
- Added preference to automatically pause the clock when the
  Tournament Director suggests player movement.
- Added Opacity to Status Messages.
- When you drag a player from one seat to another, and the destination
  seat is already occupied, the TD now presents a dialog of options,
  instead of dropping the player into the first available seat.
- Added context-menu options to insert and delete seats at a table.
- Preference added to display numeric input values in a plain, or
  unadorned, manner.  This option removes commas and monetary symbols
  from input values.
- Worked around an Internet Explorer bug to reopen the Help and
  Hotkeys dialogs in the same location that they were last in.
- Added dialog for quickly setting "Paid in Full" on multiple
  players, and added hotkey for quick access.
- Added dialog for quickly resetting the duration of every round
  and/or break.
- Added stats showing the number of times a player has busted out at
  each rank.  Added "First", "Second", and "Third" columns to Stats
  tab, so you can quickly see how many times a player has ranked in
  the top 3 spots.
- Added preferences for specifying the export templates to use.
- Added elapsed time and playing time to tournament export fields.
- New sound events added:
  - when [n] seconds are left on the clock during a countdown
  - when a player busts out in the money
  - when a player busts out on the bubble
  - when a player busts out with rank [n]
  - when a player is [n]th player to bust out
- "Bounties Kept" and "Bounty Money Kept" fields added to to Players
  Tab and Stats Tab
- "Number of columns" property added to Seating Chart page

Bugs Fixed:
- When more than one screen set or property set matched the given
  tournament conditions, the first set should be used (as described
  in the user manual), but was not necessarily being chosen.
- Sign-in sheet was using the checkmark image for players who had
  already paid.  This only works if the exported sign-in sheet was
  located in proper location in the filesystem.  The checkmark image
  is no longer used, to avoid broken images.
- Export of Action Summary (on Summary tab) has been updated to use
  carriage return + linefeeds for end-of-line.
- Certain banner set configurations could cause an error to display
  on the Game tab.
- An error could occur if moving to the Summary tab and then to
  a different tab very quickly.
- If the "Buy-ins" value was set on the Chips tab when no chips or
  chipsets were defined, an error could occur.
- If multiple rakes are defined, pressing the Rake button on the rebuy
  player dialog (immediately after a player busts out) caused an
- Duplicate hotkey action error always displayed when editing an
  existing hotkey.
- An error was seen if a player who was part of a prize chop was
  deleted from the tournament
- Error displayed if, when editing a database player, the player's
  first and last name were changed such that they matched those of
  another existing player.
- The Copy button on the Status Messages dialog did not copy the
  Flash attribute.
- The Set Per-Player dialog on the Chips tab did not accept non-
  integer values for chips.
- Tournament sounds did not play for some users.
- When multiple sound events exist for the same event, the Tournament
  Director will choose one at random when the event occurs.  However,
  for the start/end of round/break event, the first sound event
  found (matching the event) was played instead of a random one.
- Multiple sound events were played simultaneously when a rebuy was
- The <tables> token displayed "1x1" instead of "2x1" when the
  tournament was down to 2 players.
- Use of the "=" operator in the Conditions dialog (when editing
  Screen Sets or a Cell) caused an error.
- Bounty was awarded to the winner(s) of a tournament even if bounties
  were not used in the tournament (bounty money awarded was 0, so
  winnings, etc, were unaffected)
- Bounty money kept was not added to total winnings on Stats Tab.
- Deleting a level could cause the tournament to start.

Title: Re: Version 2.1 is available
Post by: CanopicJar on May 05, 2006, 07:45:55 AM
Thanks! ;D
Title: Re: Version 2.1 is available
Post by: DanielReilly on May 05, 2006, 10:35:12 AM
Great just learned how to work 2.0 now ill be in all weekend learning the new tweaks of 2.1
Title: Re: Version 2.1 is available
Post by: Spaceman Spiff on May 19, 2006, 05:08:12 PM
This is probably a stupid question, but the way the update page reads it looks like I have to buy another license to update to 2.1.2.  Is this true?  Or does it see I have a licensed copy when it updates and disables the 30 day thing?

Title: Re: Version 2.1 is available
Post by: Corey Cooper on May 19, 2006, 05:26:59 PM
No, you don't.  This is covered in the FAQ:

Where/what are you reading that is confusing to you?  I'd like to clear it up if others are confused as well.
Title: Re: Version 2.1 is available
Post by: Spaceman Spiff on May 25, 2006, 07:01:19 PM
No, you don't. This is covered in the FAQ:

Where/what are you reading that is confusing to you? I'd like to clear it up if others are confused as well.

When I go to the download page, it talks about it being a 30 day trial version.  My fear was that it wouldn't see that I already had version 2 and would kill my access after 30 days.  Just wanted to be sure before I upgraded.  Unless there is a different upgrade download that I'm not seeing for those of us that already have 2.0.

Title: Next Update...
Post by: UPT on July 18, 2006, 05:04:34 PM
Any loose ETA on the next update Corey... anxious Tourney Directors await your reply.
Title: Re: Version 2.1 is available
Post by: Corey Cooper on July 18, 2006, 07:05:49 PM
Soon.  Probably this time I'm going to offer it as a beta for those who are brave enough.  Although there aren't as many major functionality changes as in previous releases, this one has a lot of underlying UI changes and needs a good thorough test before being generally released.  If I can't get it out before this weekend, it should definitely be next week sometime.