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Title: Additional optional Buy-In amount, how to record?
Post by: CruiseLite on April 16, 2006, 05:22:52 PM
I just found this program last week. Downloaded and installed and just got to playing around with it today. Looks very cool but intimidating!  :-[
I've just spent the last couple of hours setting up a tournament but have a question about an optional buy-in amount.
We give players an option of opting in for a year-end tournament by paying an additional .50 per tournament throughout the year.
At the end of the year, the top 8 players, based on an avg score calculated in my Excel sheet will play for the extra monies. We'll pay the top three of the eight.
Once you opt in then you must pay the extra for every tourney that you play in.
Not all players have opted in so I need to track the extra monies from the players that have but I can't figure out how to do so.
Our buy-in is always $5 so I get $5 from some and $5.50 from those who opted in.
Do I need to manually add the extra .50 some where or should this be a per player rake setting that I'm missing?

I've been through all the FAQ's and forums and have glanced through the help file but as I said, I'm a bit overwhelmed.
If it is documented then just point me in the right direction!  :)

Any help appreciated!
Title: Re: Additional optional Buy-In amount, how to record?
Post by: Corey Cooper on April 17, 2006, 10:01:17 AM
On the Preferences tab, add an additional rake.  Call it "Year-end" or whatever you want.

On the Game tab, set the per-player rake to be whatever you normally rake (if anything), then set the "Year-end" rake to 0.  Set your buy-in to $5.  Then, for any player that is participating in the year-end tournament, increase their buy-in to $5.50 and set their "Year-end" rake to $.50 when you buy that player in.  You'll have to keep your own list of players who are participating.

This will keep the additional .50 from the tournament pot.  When you run Stats, the TD will sum the "Year-end" rake for you, so you'll know at any time exactly how much has been collected for it.

If you don't normally rake anything at all, you don't need to necessarily create an additional rake.  Just use the per-player rake to collect your "Year-end" tournament money.

The final option is to not use the TD to track the "Year-end" tournament money at all.  You can always just collect your normal buy-in fee, don't rake anything, but collect the additional $.50 from each player yourself, and keep track of it yourself.
Title: Re: Additional optional Buy-In amount, how to record?
Post by: CruiseLite on April 17, 2006, 10:31:04 AM
Thanks Corey! We don't take a rake so I did figure out how to use the player rake but I like the idea of a custom per-player rake better so I've got that set up now.  :)