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Title: Tournament Bracket
Post by: UPT on March 13, 2008, 12:28:29 AM
As March is upon us and the Basketball Tournaments are in full swing... I wanted to throw a new pony into the ring.

Heads-up matches, in the TD, using seeds based on a set of stats.

* Create a tournament
* Buy-in Players
* Run a stat set
* Create a Heads-Up Seating Chart (Tournament Bracket) with the seeding based on a stat (Rank, Score, Whatever)

The guys over at Foosball Heaven ( have some really nice brackets which I have been printing and using. This file ( (PDF FILE) shows the ranked seeding scheme... 1 vs 32 - 16 vs 17. It also shows about the moving of people to the losers bracket and the good shuffle of players to insure proper matches for the whole bracket.

As it is now when I do a Heads-Up Tourney, I create a bunch of 2 player tables in the TD and do a random seat.. then fill in my brackets on paper. This method is fine, but it would be nice to allow the stat power of the TD to create a "Ranked/Seeded" Seating format.

Basically asking if it is possible tp allow for creation of a non-random seating chart based on a current stat set.

Thanks as always for listening to us for suggestions and wild ideas.

Title: Re: Tournament Bracket
Post by: exterminatorx on August 15, 2008, 11:46:54 AM
I would definitely use a Heads-Up tournament feature in TD.  Thinking about it, Corey?
Title: Re: Tournament Bracket
Post by: Corey Cooper on August 15, 2008, 12:02:43 PM
Honestly, not yet.  I do have this post flagged to look into it in the future, but the list is just too long at the moment.
Title: Re: Tournament Bracket
Post by: exterminatorx on August 15, 2008, 12:51:12 PM
Since you're tagging this for future reference, I'll put in my feature requests then.

For Head's Up Tournaments, it is a series of mini-tourney's.  There's different options.

(a) Straight-up Single Elimination bracket (seeded or randomly assigned)
(b) Straight-up Double Elimination bracket (seeded or randomly assigned)
(c) Round-robin play that feeds a Single/Double Elimination bracket with n number of top win-loss record players from the round-robin part seeding the bracket.

Different levels of the tournament might have a different blind schedule.  For instance, early part of the bracket or round-robin play might have a blinds schedule targeting an average of a 20 minute long heads-up hold'em match.  Then, semi-finals and finals might target an hour-long heads-up hold'em match.

Obviously need to support cash prizes and points.  There could be consolation matches for every position to get a unique finishing rank for every player, but there should be an option for players to finish in "tiers', e.g. Top 32, Top 16, Top 8, etc, where groups of players effective finish in the same rank.

A few things off the top of my head...