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Suggestions / Backup/Restore
« on: July 31, 2007, 12:40:43 AM »
I love the backup feature under db; I use it all the time to move files from my desktop to my laptop.  I setup the game on my desktop at home, and then transfer it to a laptop to run the game onsite.  A small request, a restore button so I can restore from inside of TD without having to exit, unzip, and restart.



All I can say is, CODE FREEZE, it's bete release time! ;)

Thanks for your prompt reply.  It really is a great program.

Here is my tlo file.  The fonts are Adobe OpenType, so their layout may be funny.



I created a layout using TD's HTML styles and the css tag postion:absolute.  Here is my problem: TD's Status Messages appear underneath the text of the absolute positioned elements. See below.

 I have tried to set the elements z-index to 0,1,-1 but the elements either drop under the background and become obscured or they still appear over the status message.  So, it appears to me that the z-index of Status Messages and Background do not have a value. 

Additionally, I would like to be able to position the status boxes where I see fit, and not just in the nine absolute positions TD offers. 

Is there a place where the CSS of the status message is set?  My current inelegant work around is to move the box to the lower right corner over the chip.  That way there is no text over the message.  But I sure would like to have that real estate back!

Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions.


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