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Title: Adding points from previous games?
Post by: moe15 on April 02, 2006, 11:29:05 AM
Here's the deal.
I have the same group of guys come by (about 10) for poker games about twice a month. We started a 6 month pool based on the total number of points you get. The person with the most points after 6 months of playing take home the kitty we've accumulated. I have been using the TD2 and utilizing the point system feature. The problem is that when the first game is over and we start a new game, all of the points from the first game are overwritten. To get around this problem, I have been exporting each game to HTML and naming each game accordingly (ie Week 1, Game 1 etc.). Is there an easier way to do this? What I'm really looking to do is, add the points earned by each player during the CURRENT game to their totals from PREVIOUS games. That way I have the grand total of points per player after a multiple weeks of games. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Title: Re: Adding points from previous games?
Post by: Corey Cooper on April 02, 2006, 12:11:10 PM
That's what the Stats are for.  It will show you points, etc, accumulations over a set of tournaments.
Title: Re: Adding points from previous games?
Post by: moe15 on April 02, 2006, 12:33:38 PM
With my current format, would it be better for me to create a league or a season to keep a running tally of the stats? Something is getting overwritten. When I load TD2, under the game tab, I click Load, then select my 'save'.tdt which has my blinds, prizes, etc. Under that same tab, should I be loading a season or a league at the same time I load my "save"? Do I create a new league or season after each game then filter them in the stats menu? In your opinion, what is the best method to keep track of this...seeing you're the creator of the software and all?
Title: Re: Adding points from previous games?
Post by: Ramjak on April 02, 2006, 12:53:08 PM
We do the exact same thing you do.  Everytime a person comes to play, and is part of our club, they put $1 into the kitty.  At the end, the winner with the best points per game gets the percentage of the pot that they have participated in.  After I got this version, I manually did each game (tournament I guess) then saved them individually under a different name.  Example :  We played on March 1.  the first game would be saved as mar1g1.tdt   then so on and so on.  then I assigned players to a league.  Use the filter, and the program does the rest.  Time consuming at the beginning, but after it is done, stats are available right after each game.

this is the absolute best that I have ever seen, and beats the craps out of the online stats servers. Even though they import these, they are very cumbersome and everything is so complicated.  All you have to do now is export it to a HTML, then get some free webspace somewhere and post it.

Any questions on how to do this, and how I did it, feel free to contact me.

Absolutely the best program ever designed for the home or commercial poker game.
Title: Re: Adding points from previous games?
Post by: moe15 on April 02, 2006, 01:05:29 PM
That's what I'm looking to do. Should I be loading a season AND tournament AND my save? Or should I just load my save and do a save-as after every game then filter each "save-as" game? I'm assuming that's what your doing. The other question I have is: Let's say you just finished a game and you have all the stats, points, ranking, etc from that game. To start a new game with the same players, do you reset the tournament (under the "game" tab) leaving all buy-in's and current seating without screwing up the stats you just created in the game you just finished? Does that make sense? I wish I knew what the hell I'm doing wrong. I've spent hours on end with dummy tournaments to get my stats right.
Title: Re: Adding points from previous games?
Post by: lethargicdolt on April 02, 2006, 01:21:47 PM
We generally play two games a night and after the first game I do a "save as" (i.e March one). I then do another "save as" (i.e March 31, game two). I then load the March 31, game two. This keeps all the players in tact. I then do the reset for the second game. You do have to take your time and make sure that you do the "save as" for both games.

I use a seperate file for the stats. I saved a general template layout with all the rounds, sounds, table set ups, layouts, etc. This is always my base starting file. I then "save as" (game one) the day of the event once I have most or all of the players confirmed. This also allows me to play with different layouts, sounds, etc. without messing with any of the actual games I have saved.

May be doing this the long way around but it allows me to keep each individual tournament played in case I need to pull information from it in the future. We generally play from January - December as a season, so I set up both a league and a season. That way when we do quickie games with five or six, they will not be factored into the season stats as those games are outside of our regular games.

Hope that was clear.
Title: Re: Adding points from previous games?
Post by: Ramjak on April 02, 2006, 01:40:28 PM
I do the same thing.  I set up a basic layout and saved it with all my sound, buyins, point formulas etc.  I load that first, then play.  After the game, I save it under "save as" then rename it.  I have made a few mistakes by just saving, but I just go back and reenter the stuff if I need to. 

I also have a season and league.  All of my saves are in a folder of their own, so that I can find them and save them easily.

It is really easy after you set up a league and season.  then assign players to the league, and then you can filter just the season you want.

Just keep playing around until you get it.  I could post my basic layout save, but it might not halp you as it have our point formulas etc in it.
Title: Re: Adding points from previous games?
Post by: moe15 on April 02, 2006, 03:09:43 PM
#5 & #6. Thank you both for your input. Believe me, it helped a lot. I'll play around with it a bit tonight and let you know how I make out. Is it too late to start a season / league if I already have saved results from a prior game? What the hell is the difference between a season and a league anyway?
Title: Re: Adding points from previous games?
Post by: Corey Cooper on April 02, 2006, 06:52:44 PM
Technically, a league is a simple way to group players in your database.  It makes it easy when you create your tournament to filter out the players you want to add to the tournament.

A season is really nothing but a "tag".  It is simply a designator.  It is useful for more easily creating a filter that will show stats for the specific sub-set of your tournaments.

Do you need to create a league for your players?  If you host tournaments with more than one "set" of players, it might be useful to group your players into different leagues.  It sure makes it easy each time you setup your tournament, you set the League (on the Game tab), and then on the Players tab you press "Add Players" and you'll only see players that are part of the league.  Click the "check all" link and then press OK and everyone in the league is now added to your tournament.  Very easy.

Do you need to create one or more seasons?  If you ever intend to "reset" your stats, then a season makes it easy.  "Reset" is probably not the best word to use, but you need to understand how the statistics are generated in order to make the right choices for leagues and seasons.

When you want the TD to generate statistics, it loads all of the saved tournaments it can find, and then tallies up the stats for the players in those tournaments.  The stats generated are relative only to: (1) the players who played in those specific tournaments, and (2) *those specific tournaments*.  This is key.  If you have played 20 tournaments, and your filter only accepts 5 of those 20 tournaments, stats generated for each player will be relative only to those 5 tournaments.  This is why seasons can be good.  If you want to see stats for January through June, for example, and then "start over", or "reset" the stats so that everyone in your group of poker players (league) can get fresh start, then it would be a good idea to create two seasons, "1st half 06" and "2nd half 06".  You could then create two filters, one that loaded only tournaments in the "1st half 06" season, and another that loaded only tournaments in the "2nd half 06" season.  With a stats filter, you're telling the TD: "Compute statistics only for the tournaments that fit these criteria."

You can, at any time, load a saved tournament, make changes to it, then re-save the tournament.  If, for example, you've run 3 tournaments and then decide that seasons would be a good thing, you can create your season in the database, then, in turn, load each of the 3 already saved tournaments, set their season, and re-save them.  The next time you "Reload Tourneys" on the Stats tab, the TD will recognize your changes.

That's fairly rambling, but I hope it helps.

Title: Re: Adding points from previous games?
Post by: moe15 on April 02, 2006, 07:48:41 PM
No you're not rambing at all. Good stuff in fact! This kind of stuff would be useful in the help menu. Well, I pretty much figured out my whole stats problem based on the info in these post. It make it a lot easier when you do a "save as" at the very end of each game and date it accordingly (ex game 1 4/01/06). Thanks again for all your help.
Title: Re: Adding points from previous games?
Post by: GWPoker on April 03, 2006, 01:00:09 AM
What I have done, so far is save each tourney by date. Then using the STATS feature, I run a filter for the date range of the saved tourneys, and that works really well.
Title: Re: Adding points from previous games?
Post by: Crimson on April 21, 2006, 10:34:59 PM
Personally, I created my "blank" tournament with my rounds, layout, payouts, and main game settings like buyin/formulas. I add NO players to this game. Then I save this as "Friday Game Default.tdt" and just to make sure I don't mess this file up, I set it to Read-Only in Windows.

Then, when it's time for my next game, I load this "default" tournament and do a "Save As". Then I call it something like 20060412.tdt which allows the games to sort by date. When I have special games I put an identifier in front of it like PEC_20060421.tdt.