Author Topic: Weekly Rake For Grand Final Prize Pool  (Read 1043 times)


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Weekly Rake For Grand Final Prize Pool
« on: October 11, 2006, 08:29:13 PM »
Yet another annoying n00b question...

I'm running a 10 week / 20 game season
From which 2 games are run a week.
1 is a Re-buy tourney. ($20 Buy-in, $20 Re-buys)
1 is a Set Buy-in tourney. ($20 Buy-in)

From every buy-in and re-buy, $5 is taken out for the Grand Final.
eg, we have 20 people each game; pools = $2000 GF, and $300 each night.
**but each week/game we might have 18 players, 23+8 re-buys etc (changing
the value of the prize pool)

Is there away that i can setup TD2, to take the $5 "rake/fee" out
and put it some where in the system, so that each game... i can have on the
main screen: "GRAND FINAL POOL: $450" or what ever.
And also so i can keep track of it for myself as Tourney Director.

*the "venue" doesn't take any rake or profit from the events

IF above is possible... my next question is...

We plan on taking money from the GF prize pool, to buy drinks, and then
sell them for a profit to players, and put the money back into the GF pool.
is there any way, or a value... i could use for this?

Again... TD2 Rocks My World! And My Poker Tourneys!!

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Re: Weekly Rake For Grand Final Prize Pool
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2006, 10:37:09 AM »
The way to keep track of the GF money is to rake it, and then use the Stats to total the accumulated rake.  Whatever it totals there should match the real money you have taken from buy-ins and rebuys.  The software doesn't act as a "bank", but it will total up the "transactions" for you (all the rakes).  For multiple "accounts", you would create multiple rakes.

You can display a lot of information on the clock/tournament page about the running tournament, but there is no way to display something from the accumulated stats.  So, in order to display the GF money, you'd need to run the stats, see what the amount is, and then manually put it on the clock page.