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point formulas
« on: March 03, 2006, 01:40:02 PM »
Here are some point formulas:
MN poker League : pe = players entered, a3 = player rank, this gives points to top 30%, everyone else gets 10
until an if statment is implemented the players all get points

Poker stars: pe = players entered, a3 = player rank, buyin1 = buyin price
ROUND(10*(SQRT(pe)/SQRT(A3)) * (1+LOG(byin1+0.25)),0)

Pokerworld:pe = players entered, a3 = player rank, buyin2 = buyin price

TO COMPARE these formulas I used 19 players (random number) and adjusted buyins until 1st place was close or identical, at $39 poker stars results are = to MNPL, as players increase the buyin increases and results are IDENTICAL
Poker world needed a 7200 buyin to make 1st place equal, the rest are highly weight to top, and very few points for lower 2/3

as to which is best? they all have their respective advantages, and disadvantages , try the formulaes on a spread sheet and decide for your self. ???
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