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Help Me / Re: Batch file and TD3
« Last post by Linker_Split on April 23, 2019, 06:04:36 PM »
I just noticed it, thank you!
Help Me / Re: Batch file and TD3
« Last post by Corey Cooper on April 23, 2019, 05:48:20 PM »
Nothing like that currently exists in the software.  But there are settings to easily send the Game window to your secondary display.  You can set up a hotkey to do this.
Help Me / Batch file and TD3
« Last post by Linker_Split on April 23, 2019, 11:53:12 AM »
Hi Coorey,
is there a way to setup a batch file that will open the software, and have some more settings to be set up as well? like change the size of the screen or send the screen to the external monitor

your help in this would be very much appreciated
Help Me / Re: Can't change font color
« Last post by Corey Cooper on April 22, 2019, 05:36:38 PM »
You can change the colors using the tableBodyFont and tableEdgeFont attributes of the seatingChart token.  I would advise using the Token Builder dialog, because it's a lot easier and those attributes are somewhat complicated.  For example:

<seatingChart tableEdgeFont='{"Name":"Segoe UI","Size":18,"Bold":false,"Italic":false,"Color":"#fff","BGColor":"#048","Underline":false,"Grad":{"ColorFrom":"#048","ColorTo":"#000","Type":0}}' tableBodyFont='{"Name":"Segoe UI","Size":18,"Bold":false,"Italic":false,"Color":"white","BGColor":"#080","Underline":false,"Grad":{"ColorFrom":"#080","ColorTo":"#000","Type":0}}'>

To use the Token Builder, just use the mouse to highlight part of the text and the "Edit Token" button should become green.  Click Edit Token and it will open the Token Builder dialog to easily edit the token.  When you're done changing options, press OK and the proper text will be re-inserted back into the cell contents.

FYI, the reason the cell font/colors don't extend to the seating chart is because the seating chart is built using HTML tables, and IE (and other browsers a long time ago) had a bug which didn't allow the table to inherit font characteristics.  So the attributes had to be added to the <seatingChart> token.
Help Me / Can't change font color
« Last post by INEPTPablo on April 20, 2019, 11:59:26 AM »
I include the Seating Chart on my layout. If I configure it to use a predefined global property, which has a dark green background, it shows nicely. If I configure it to local properties and I set the font color to black and background to a lighter color the table always displays with white text and grid. I cannot change these colors, yet I see different colors in some of the predefined layouts. What's the trick? Besides the setting window changes, I tried a style attribute: <seatingchart style="font-family: Arial; font-size: 36pt; font-weight: bold; color: #ff0000; width: 100%" format="diagram" columns="3">, just as a test. nothing.
Help Me / Re: TD Re-Export to StatsGenie Issue
« Last post by Corey Cooper on April 15, 2019, 06:13:19 PM »
Not to pass the buck, but I think it's probably on SG's end.  The reason is that the TD has no concept of exporting vs re-exporting.  It has no idea if the tournament you're sending to SG has ever been sent before.  It has no idea if it already exists on SG.  It just sends it, and lets SG do the rest.

The data does have a unique identifier, so SG should be able to tell if the tournament you're sending already exists.  So I would think it should update the existing tournament accordingly (and I'm pretty certain when I tested this that's the behavior I saw).  But that's pretty much the extent of my knowledge.  I would ping Martin at SG.  He's always been pretty responsive.
Help Me / TD Re-Export to StatsGenie Issue
« Last post by CruiseLite on April 14, 2019, 01:17:52 PM »
I recently had a need to re-export a tournament into StatsGenie.
What happened was I had used the wrong buy-in profile for a player (player bought a bounty but I used no bounty profile) and the error was not noticed for a few days.
Once noticed, it was an easy fix in TD via 'Edit <player>'  on the Players tab then 'Edit Buy-in' under the History section.
Now all data looks correct in TD and the Summary tab correctly reflects the player's bounty purchase.
Next, I exported the tournament like always from TD and that was successful.

My first question was if TD would over-write the existing tournament?
When I checked on SG, I only saw one entry for the tournament so looked like over-write was successful but when I checked the History in SG, it still showed the player as using a non-bounty profile.

I then deleted the tournament from SG and re-exported from TD again.
When checking on SG, the tournament still showed the player as using a non-bounty profile under history.
All the other tabs looked fine though; the bounty purchase was reflected and the player's take for the game was correct.
I don't know if the other tabs were correct at the first re-export as I didn't check them at the time since I still saw the issue with the incorrect profile under sumarry.

I was able to edit the history in SG so I'm fine now, but I guess I'm asking if there is a bug in the TD export pertaining to the summary tab when a tournament is re-exported or is this something on the SG side that didn't update the history when the tournament was re-exported?

That's a whole lot of detail for what is probably a minor issue   ;)  but if it's something that can be fixed, I'd appreciate it.

Suggestions / Re: Average Play Time Stat Sort not working
« Last post by Corey Cooper on April 07, 2019, 10:56:26 AM »
Looks like a bug.  I think it was never added as a valid sort column, so this has probably always been a bug.

You're right, it's sorting on player name.  All sorts of players fall back on using the name in case of ties.  That way you get deterministic results when multiple players have the same values.

Thanks for pointing this out.
Suggestions / Average Play Time Stat Sort not working
« Last post by fatgordy on April 07, 2019, 09:39:15 AM »
I noticed that the average play time stat doesn't seem to sort properly in the "Playing Time" single field view.  It appears to be sorting the name column alphabetically instead. 
Help Me / Re: Error occured in Script, 'Bootstrap'. Cannot start TD3
« Last post by terrytaxi on April 01, 2019, 06:47:47 PM »
I was putting in the wrong username. found my original email from you from 2014.

thanks for the help.
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